Stellar Screenshots

Took the FC as far above the plane as I could go, right above the bubble. Apparently I'm not the first one to go where no one but a FC could go before, so while I earned my first "first mapped" commendations, the existing ELWs in this and nearby systems had all been claimed. This mild disappointment was more than compensated for by the enjoyment of having made it out here that far, after nine months of toying around in the Galaxy Map and drooling over the prospect of getting to the outer limits; not just outside the bubble but really to the edge of the galaxy itself. So this is my first foray deep "into the black", to a remote star roughly 2300 ly "up" relative to the galactic plane, directly above the bubble. Thank you Fleet Carriers, for me, this view alone is worth the five billion.

"Asp in front of All The Things..."

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