Stellar Screenshots

Some pictures from the CEA2 expedition (started on it in June, finished it in early August)

Before leaving the NGC 1333 area:

First visit to Hell Port. What a sight!

The rings of an ELW along the way...

One of the waypoint nebulas along the route:

"The Blue Death" - my first visit and re-enactment of the picture on EDSM...
Mackenzie Relay in Cemiess having taken some hard hits.


And one addition - "Wish you weren't here" - as a counterpoint to the "Wish you were here" images. Here's my Cutter exiting Mackenzie Relay, not looking a lot like a good tourist spot. :)

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Sometimes stations exclude themselves from the mundane white lighting of most and establish themselves as the most stylish among the galaxy. I like that they're willing to be different in a classy way. Red however is my favorite color. This stations look is further accentuated from behind by the sun's red aurora.


Experimental effect in night vision.
(send word to fleet command, "we have engaged the new Borg")
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Things have been a little random recently

Spending some ARX (Iridescent Aurora)

Gathering Guardian items
(IC 2391 Sector CQ-Y c16, one of the Gnosis ‘Science Tour’ locations)

Hunting for Thargoid Probes in Electra

Joining the Gnosis at HIP 18982 for her jump home to Varati

And the Gnosis is home. Varati A6, only 400km from Thompson Dock.

A few random shots I made over the last week or two

Random Neutron Star I came across

That's two suns and the entry point of the system is bang in the middle. I needed a fresh pair of pants after that experience


A pretty cool mountain range. I can't wait to explore those locations with jetpacks and legs

Heading out for a mining run over a double Tritium hotspot
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