Stellar Screenshots

Carrier Entrance, nearly got smacked by a fellow commanders carrier since they were like "We jumped!" and I dropped in about 10 seconds before it came out going "Where are you?" Then this.

This shot is from around when I first started playing Elite in early 2017, right after Horizons got released and the stupidly engineered AI were still around (I still have an FSD from that time).

First time leaving the bubble on a passenger mission and 6K ly later

Planet Bob I will have to find this one in my visited system since it was my first untagged ELW

Not sure if these are the same planet or not, they might be but, there are moons all throughout the inner part of the rings, so you can actually be on the edge of the ring and fly to one of the moons

Almost like it has an atmosphere

The dragon awaits

The eclipse

The Ice ball

All of these are from my old system, with the exception of the first one, I have more on then whenever I do get it back since it's in the US currently. But I'll be uploading my newer ones once I get them all coverted to jpg for upload.
SYSTEM: Vegneia BK-I d9-823
A mountain silhouetted against the Veil of Inanna.
Vegneia BK-I d9-823 Dec_24_2019_08_45.jpg

SYSTEM: Hypaa Greau RY-P d6-202
A tiny polar ice cap marks the axis of this ringed water world.
Hypaa Greau RY-P d6-202 Dec_23_2019_05_10.jpg

SYSTEM: Hypoe Pra ZE-A f125
A red giant and a black hole in close orbit. There is also a neutron star orbiting the red giant, barely visible across its face.
Hypoe Pra ZE-A f125 Aug_06_2020_00_10.jpg
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