Stellar Screenshots

You are a winner from the stream yesterday (y)
I believe you have to send them an email to claim - have a listen to the livestream - fast forward until you see the Stellar Screenshots and listen after the last.
I only found out because someone else posted my entry on another thread :D Otherwse, I'd have been none the wiser!

I didn't need to claim anything: I just went in to see if I had the paintjob and yep, there it was!
Some much needed R&R from the frontlines yesterday, before heading back to Ackwada for the final push today

BD-12 1172 is worth a visit

Reminded me of a Bablyon 5 Shadow ship

Spooky season is about to beginn

I thought of the shadow ships when I first encountered them too. That was a slow approach with the next jump targeted lol
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