Stellar Screenshots

What will happen if you remove all unnecessary things from the screenshot. Only serenity, meditativeness, contemplation of the beautiful.
In such places, it is easy to imagine some space hermits seeking unity with the Universe, while
somewhere, in a galaxy far, far away, star wars are raging...
Serene beauty indeed but also bleak, harsh and unforgiving as a counterpoint.
This is a screenshot i tok of me and my friend a while back. My friend just sent it to me on discord so i thought i could sent it here
here is the link as it wont let me attach file.... :(
Your image is on Imgur so you're 50% there. If you go into your images page, then click on an image, it will open and give you a list of links to the right.

The you want us "BBcode". Next to the box with the link is a "copy link" button. Tap that. Your link is now on the clipboard and can be pasted into your post.

I've assumed you're on a PC though...
A picture from my exploration archives - a black ammonia world in a black hole/neutron star binary system. Very little light reaches the ammonia world, while my ship is more easily lit up.

A K-class star, dwarfed by the huge carbon star behind it.

Even the mightiest of human ships becomes a mere insignificant speck next to a star.
On the wings of the stars....

I suddenly remembered the phrase Nietzsche: "When you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you".
Against the background of this Abyss,we are just moths, flying on the wings of the stars, from one light in infinity to another...
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Nothing all that special, only my alt just before docking on DSSA Emerald Tablet (ooh, someone dabbles in alchemy!), still out in the deep after reaching Beagle Point for DW2 XB Division.

Vermi outside Emerald Tablet.jpg
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