Stellar Screenshots

More from my still ongoing Outlander Challenge:

Another outpost I can't land on! (Sacaqawea Space Port)

Yet again! Haven't done a maintenance check since the Bubble, but she's holding up... (Gagarin Gate)

Okay, I'm asking for directions... Haz-Res should be a good spot, right? Plenty of folks around here.

Well, they're busy. Guess I'll just wait and ask who's left.

Finally! It's been a bumpy ride, but there's light in the distance after all. Plotting course for Gandharvi.

Scanning the Nav Beacon upon successful arrival in Gandharvi.

After 20,500 LY, finally docked at Marlin's Reach.

Touring the system for a day.

Some minor (totally legal) upgrades... Void Rats are kind folk once you get on their good side.

Alas, it's time to head to the stars again. Just 6000 Ly to go...
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