First step on Tatooine (aka Blua Eaec PF-K c10-33 AB 3)
The Comfy Canonn Cruise offered different kinds of Torus Molluscs for examination at waypoints 89 through 91: Rubellum, Blatteum and Viride. They live in dark places. At waypoint 90 there were also Rutulum Calcite Plates. The systems were Ovomly DA-Q d5-16, Ovomly HG-O d6-0 and Ovomly SS-K d8-8.
CMDR IvIePhisto [PC]
089 - 01 - Ovomly DA-Q d5-16 5 A Ring (IvIePhisto) 2021-11-09_20-58-12.jpg

090 - 01 - Ovomly HG-O d6-0 3 A Ring (IvIePhisto) 2021-11-10_21-29-14.jpg

090 - 02 - Ovomly HG-O d6-0 3 A Ring (IvIePhisto) 2021-11-10_21-48-55.jpg

091 - 01 -Ovomly SS-K d8-8 1 B Ring (IvIePhisto) 2021-11-11_18-21-22.jpg

The Anaconda looks so sleek (as long as you don't see its belly).
088 - S02 - Cyuefoo LC-D d12-0 A (IvIePhisto) 2021-11-06_14-31-06.jpg
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