Stellar Unknown Expedition

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Stellar Unknown will be an expedition from the bubble all the way to Sagittarius A*, We will travel through the eastern section of the Perseus Arm and through the Centaurus Reach, ultimately ending up at the core. This expedition is aimed to be for all commanders, from players who recently joined Elite: Dangerous and would like to jump right into exploration to an elite veteran who'd like an expedition which is not as far as Beagle Point yet is not too close to civilisation!

Stellar Unknown will take place between August 25th to November 24th 3305 (2019)

WP1 - HIP 17694 - The Starting System
WP2 - CD-39 6137
WP3 - NGC 5606 VBFP 60
WP4 - Thaile HW-V e2-7
WP5 - IC 2621Sector BQ-Y d3
WP6 - Prue Hypa CL-Y g2
WP7 - Rhadia AA-A h59
WP10 - TBA
WP11 - TBA
WP12 - TBA
WP13 - Sagittarius A*
Note: Waypoints are subject to change

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If you choose to join us, please join our Discord -
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I'm in! And what perfect timing! After wrapping up engineering my DBX, I was hoping to revisit a few systems on the other side of the Orion Complex wall and get out to the Perseus arm for the GMP before/after A11X, but now I suppose I can just incorporate it into this expo! (WP's pending, of course). After that, I was likely headed to the core, so this really is perfect!

Thanks for getting it together!
CMDR Baxder (PC)
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