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I also fully support it, but I guess it would be better placed either in the Hawking Gap or near a black hole to pay respect to his key discovery, the Hawking radiation - perhaps at the nearest Black Hole to Sol.

He should have a black hole named after him in ED

Or a station near a black hole as some suggested. That would be great :)
Ah, I see it wasn't only my thought. :)
RIP Professor Stephen William Hawking. Your mind and wit will be sorely missed.

Something I had always wondered is what level of scientist Professor Hawking would have been if he had not contracted motor neurone disease? I suspect that this condition is what sharpened his mind to such an incredible level. People who are not so disabled have the ability to go back and re-read something (and the knowledge they can do this), so do not always take in everything they read. Professor Hawking did not have this luxury, so he HAD to READ everything thoroughly, and develop the mental tools to allow him to remember everything he encountered. Then he was (because he COULD remember everything to such a degree) able to form theories and correlations that others would not necessarily have seen.

I agree with the petition, but I would suggest FDev hold off with renaming a Black Hole (or renaming/building a Space Station) for a while. It is likely (in my opinion) that the Astronomical Societies around the World will want to honour him, and they may well also feel that renaming a Black Hole in his memory would be a fitting tribute. If this were to happen FDev could then follow their lead.

Signed by Hell Razor5543
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The location of the memorial should be something the community agrees on but not behind any permit locked systems if possible. ( a lot like the idea of in a black hole system )

After reading the messages so far, a nice scientific beacon / mega ship studying black holes would be nice.
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A really cool orbital type observatory "Hawking-Penrose Station" orbiting a lonely star, at the edge of the galaxy and pointing to the center of the universe.

Cmdrs that it there for a scan receive data and rare materials.
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CMDR Shiro Akai signing in.

Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with his disease at the age of 21. Doctors were giving him 14 more months of life. He proved them wrong. He proved many people wrong, in many fields.

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't he supposed to be using telescopes and whatnot this year with some fund backing him to examine deep space for signs of life? And wasn't he going to point all the available telescopes available towards Sag A* to get a photograph of it (or that might be another group, don't remember) ?

But either way he should get some sort of recognition.
I put my name down for it as well. This guy needs to be really honored with more then just Beacon! He did so much for us Humans, we need to really show it.

Live long and Prosper Stephen Hawking.
The members of the Beagle Point Expedition are saddened at the death of Stephen Hawking and will be dedicating our meet up at RENDEZVOUS POINT in honour of him this coming Saturday 17th March.

We would like to propose that a memorial beacon be added to the the Rendezvous point system above planet 5 A, the location of many deep space expeditions heading to beagle point.

Can you all please add your name below if you support this petition.

Cmdr Wishblend
Deep Space Explorer
Supported. In addition maybe a station named Hawking Memorial.

RIP Prof. Hawking one of the smartest brains of our time.
Well I hope he has left some instructions for us. Quite some contribution. RIP Mr Hawking.

I'd use a Stephen Hawking voice pack if one was available :)
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