General / Off-Topic Stephen Hawking Memorial petition

Don't worry, its already there. Mother nature took care of it :)

Thanks for being one of the most inspiring people on this planet, and beyond.
The late professor is pretty well represented in this game with locations and stations - he's even got a gap!
Perhaps having a copy of "a brief history of time" as a rare, available from a station near a black hole would be interesting.
CMDR Martin Afonso signing too.

There's a six black hole system near SgA*, BOEWNST AA-A H33, pretty close to the Colonia Route. Two of them are naked singularities without event horizons (no drop zones in game). A perfect place for a scientific ship or station named after him. And of course, Hawking's Gap should be oficialized in our Galaxy Map.

Descanse en paz, Profesor. Le echaremos mucho de menos.
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To quote Carl Sagan, “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.” R.I.P. professor Hawking. 07.
Cummon He needs some thing pretty big.... A new experimental Hawkins FSD drive that works between black holes would be better....
Ancient scientists Lost work inspires new FSD technology in conjuction with newly discovered guardian tech.....
He had changed his mind saying data could be recovered from a black hole..
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I'm sure I can speak for the whole of Canonn when I say we would support a memorial for Stephen Hawking.

I would honestly love to see a memorial "Black Hole" for him.
RIP Stephen. :(

The location of the memorial should be something the community agrees on but not behind any permit locked systems if possible. ( a lot like the idea of in a black hole system )

After reading the messages so far, a nice scientific beacon / mega ship studying black holes would be nice.
I think Rendezvous Point is too far away and is already known for other events if I recall correctly?

Maybe place a memorial closer to the bubble so more people can visit it? Perhaps something in the Hawking's Gap region that was already unofficially named after him by the community?

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I agree with the petition, but I would suggest FDev hold off with renaming a Black Hole (or renaming/building a Space Station) for a while. It is likely (in my opinion) that the Astronomical Societies around the World will want to honour him, and they may well also feel that renaming a Black Hole in his memory would be a fitting tribute. If this were to happen FDev could then follow their lead.

This is a good idea.
I'd hope for something to be added in game to remember such a great scientist, and the rendezvous beacon would seem fitting for some, it would be relatively niche thing, so I'm hoping that Fdev create that beacon AND something bigger and more tangible within the bubble such as a starport.
I would very much like to see Stephen Hawking honored with something in game. He was an amazing person, not only defying the odds given to him with his medical condition, but also giving a massive contribution to science and knowledge that could never be overstated.
A cool honor would be having his holograph in front of a station like those advertising holographs at the entrances. so everyone entering hawkins station can see him.
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