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RIP Stephen Hawkin, we have so much to thank you for, you have insipred so many.

I would like to see an entire tributory station!

As there are already lots of stations named after the great man, I think something much more significant needs to be done.

Certainly Hawking's Gap should be officialised on the galaxy map.

I love the idea of the proposed research station at Sagittarius A* being named after Hawking, and it would be an honour to help build it as part of Distant Worlds II.

I think Professor Hawking would have approved of that!
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I would like to see a science-station megaship that travelled between some black-hole systems (like the tanker travels).

... but a research station at any black hole system would be good.

I'll sign it too, and agree with the above statement. What would be more fitting than a beacon at Cygnus X-1?

Cygnus X-1 is unreachable with current FSD tech so we wouldn't be able to visit it :(

In regards to Sag-A*, the Distant Worlds II organizers have written up a CG proposal that would include the building of an astrophysics lab at the galactic core as part of the expedition goals in Q4 2018... if its accepted by FD then combining that with a community effort to honour Stephen Hawking would be a fitting tribute imho. A grand adventure to the core with a mission to build a science installation at, or near, Sag-A*. The manpower to pull it off will be there with over 2,200 players already signed up to the expedition... possibly doubling that by Q4 when its promoted further.

But DW2 will probably do something to honour Stephen Hawking regardless, maybe some sort of science-based events during the expedition as we already have a science-based project in the pipeline for DW2 that could be adapted to include black holes and whatever new environmental anomalies that are slated for Q4.
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