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It’s certainly in line with the UK’s relationship with the EU, which has recently caused as much turmoil. The Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish have some autonomy through Scotland continues a debate about pulling further away and Brexit may well spur that on.
There have been pro Welsh independence protests in a few welsh cities every weekend for the last month or more. It isn't really making the national news in a big way (some recent coverage), which plays directly into the hands of the independents as they claim they are being ignored&sidelined by Westminster. In reality its not making the news due to us being in the middle of the most turbulent political times in UK history since the civil war and all politicians and journalists are operating on panic stations, at any other time it would have been big news.

At the same time one of the biggest recent protest marches was an anti- one at Stormont which isn't really a thing for the vast majority of the UK. Is that people ignoring the bigger picture or cynically exploiting the distraction to get their point across without counter protests and arguments.

Strange times.

I can't call people my favourite slurs anymore doesn't really register as being important in comparison to real issues.
With America being so young, they still have ideals that just about every European country has dropped. The constitution is so fresh to you (general you), that it would be abhorrent to many to throw them away now.
I think you're making sweeping generalizations.

Presumably then you feel no one is obliged to you?
Only by their own conscious, willful, choice.

I would certainly never expect any stranger to feel an obligation to me, most certainly not because of something beyond their control, like where they were born.
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