Still here.

Well; a few weeks ago some of you may have received some rather startling messages from me.

I am very embarrassed, and while I was absolutely truthful, subsequent actions have changed my mind somewhat.

I kind of feel like the drama princess that makes howling statements then doesn't carry through but in this case I'm rather glad I didn't carry through.
I would like to apologize for my words, and take my place within the Elite community again.

I kind of forgot that I have things I can offer, and far more things I can learn. So it's tentative at the moment, but I'm back.

Not that anyone values my input, but I'll try to be better - I'll try to be the Commander people listen to; if not agree with lol.
You don't get your stuffz back!!

This is starting the become ridiculous, you're the second this week.

oh, ninjaad a day ago.
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