Stoyben's 4 step plan to make Elite Dangerous again (Major Suggestions)

This post is on behalf on a friend from many Discords Stoyben. He's not much of a forum dweller so on his behalf I will convey his ideas here.

While we all look forward to the major improvements coming in future updates, some of the ideas here would work well with the game, and are worth discussion and/or looking at. As we hope for Elite to become better and better.

Suggestions :

IDEA 1 :

Reduce the need to nerf aspects of the game, and instead find away to balance the system out, (e.g large money making sources) which will be part of an idea to come. Instead of nerfing money making areas, and mechanics perhaps focus on a way to keep players wealth in check :

Introduce player hanger rent, - I.E a system that charges the assets to keep your ships docked in any station. Maybe even add discounts for being allied that alleviates rent by a margin. This will further reinforce the BGS play and could be used as a player introduction to the to BGS. The rent will be due every PP cycle and will be effected by the type, and quality of ship(s) stored, so rich and wealthy players will need to make money at a higher rate than early game players to keep their inventory of ships. SIDENOTE - The rent system should preferably hard save and be turned off after a week or more on inactivity, so players who take a break will not lose their ships but will be applied a higher single transaction bill for the length of absence from the game.

IDEA 2 :

End game mission rewards/convoy system/ Money making system.

Add a system of buy-able AI that you can set to make money for you, at a rate of pay similar to that of the co-pilots that are currently purchasable. These will exist under a syndicate name of your choosing and will be targets in open play only. They will be tied to an overall fund with its own insurance and regular paycheck systems, redeemable after every PP cycle. These AI can range from combat patrols to hardcore trader to even explorers or passenger carriers. All will have a respective ranks and well and be more or less effective at making money. The idea stands an of course can be better adapted with feedback, but would be a game changer in terms of money making in-game.

IDEA 3 :

The Solo/PG Debate

Add an Arcade mode to elite, find-able under the main menu. This mode would have stronger AI, lower base cost for everything including rebuy and be wholly dedicated to the galaxy shooting itself up, almost like a PvP central mode that wouldn't effect your 'real game' save which would stop people exploiting this mode. Again the idea is there, figuring all the details would be the next job.

It may also be a possibility to allow stations to become destructible during the mode, and could be similar to that of attacking a Capital Ship, Fdev has already a made a broken station model for when the Goids get angry, why not let players wreak some havoc?

IDEA 4 :

A CQC revamp.

The ability to add medium and large ships to the CQC environment allowing for more intense and dynamic CQC sessions. Larger ships, means larger maps, lets expand the playable area allow for a range of combat situations. Re-balancing these new ships for CQC with more options to pick, and more versatility and variety overall.

Add more game-modes, some suggestions made :

  • Convoy Defence - defend a convoy of trader craft from the enemy teams, flip sides every round.
  • Dreadnought Assault - each team gets a capital class ship to defence, whoever looses the ship first ultimately looses.
  • Tag - all ships are medium weaponless. A single player spawns in a large ship and must gain points by avoiding being tagged ( with weapons ).
Add Physical rewards

Add ship skins only obtainable through CQC and applicable to the main game. As well as ship cosmetic pieces such as ornaments, figureheads, body pieces, ect.. only obtainable through CQC and applicable to the main game ( Maybe even bring back the Braben bobble-head [smile] ).

To conclude :

That's at least to major content updates right there, One for money and the other for CQC. These are doable furthermore, maybe seasons after next. But maybe it's time to slow the story down a tad, and focus on the things that will really change the game for the better.

Thanks ~Stoyben
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Idea 1: I'm surprised this isn't a thing. Good forethought on the inactive player idea; though it should probably be a toggle the player hits on purpose to say they'll be out for awhile.

Idea 2: I'm not really intrigued by this, given that there are so many ways to make money already. Credits seem useful when starting out, but quickly become superfluous as you catch on to the "gold rushes" the game provides. Wing source missions, for example, are absurdly profitable. Perhaps if player factions were more robust and added actual interactivity with the BGS, this might be more called for.

Idea 3: It sounds like you're just looking for a more robust vision of CQC in this one. No credits, no BGS, just ship builds, objectives, PVP, high scores and the like. Elite Dangerous MOBA style or something. I'm not opposed to this at all. Add some prizes like ship kits or custom paintjobs for high rank every season or so. Hearthstone does it with card backs and people seem to enjoy it. Maybe something goofy like...I dunno, rainbow engine trails or something. Whatever. Go nuts.

Idea 4: See 3; even though you listed them as separate ideas, I see a "two birds with one stone" scenario here.
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