Strange Rating changes

I was tweaking my coaster to first maximize the excitement rating and keep fear/nausea low. Then I was testing with guests to make sure the timing was right so the trains wouldn't stop in the block brakes and found this very confusing tidbit on excitement rating. Typically, anytime you have a coaster stop in a block brake, the excitement rating takes a dip. (I think this is the way it should be, hated when your waiting outside the station when I am riding a coaster).

But.....and here's the weird part. Waiting 5 seconds longer in a block break is getting more excitement then waiting 1-2 seconds in a block brake. In fact waiting in the block brake longer is actually getting a higher rating than going right through. I submit the attached video which shows my observations far better than I could explain.


Keep in mind, on this coaster this is completely repeatable/consistent. I was tinkering for an hour trying to find why I was getting a higher rating on rare occasions. Turns out, it was when the mechanic did an inspection, the brief delay was causing a stop in the block brakes. So I played with the wait times to make coasters wait in the block brakes.

I assumed that maybe stopping and going from the block brake was adding some excitement, but why would it be more excitement when waiting 5 seconds more in the block brake?

Thoughts? This is not me complaining, just confused. Here is the steam workshop link:
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