Stranger things and some suggestions?

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I decided to post here some of my observations (after my facebook post got a bit too big):

First thing first: I REALLY love the game.

- the menu is a bit unintuitive (it took me some time to find guest count)
- when you're managing a massive park some kind of pause button would be usefull (i tend to quickly click through expeditions and fossils without any thought because there's something constantly happening in my park at the same time)
-after creating first dino of it species it would be usefull to have full info about it's "requirements" in it's info type (especially info about number of other dinosaurs i need to create for it to be happy)
- in larger paddocks dinosaurs tend to acknowledge only the closest environment when it comes to the forest/grassland ratio (despite the gigantic forest on the other side of my paddock Diplodocus went on rapmage because it didn't had trees in a place when it was currently wandering)
-If dinosaur is thirsty it sometimes prioritese destroing the fence instead of drinking water
- it would be great to have some kind of journal about interaction between dinos (like if i can put Velociraptors with Ceratosaurus or will it be eaten)
- if i have to release one dino every two minutes to make other ones happy (Maiasaurs were actually the greatest threat to my park) it gets annoing when camera zooms for every first dino in the queue
-It would be great if contracts were something closer to the milestones than just random tasks from random team (why creating smal harbivore for security team makes my research team less happy?)
-i'd really love to have some expense/income charts
-Dinosaurs should have some indicator if they're uhappy with something (because that will make them angry in some time) instead of statuses:happy/rampaging..also.. couldn't it be that dino that has everything but i alone would be ok by its own.. like water,food,grassland,forest are all plusses with only one minus - social?
-I tend to mess up all my plans because dino released on the paddock thinks it's somehow not meeting it's expectations.. i would like to know how much of a terrein a need for my dino instead of doing it on hit/miss basis (especially considering that it somehow doesn't notice my changes and dino's mood still goes down)
-leveling the ground for building is really hard, you never know if the building will fit there until you spin it around and move it pixel by pixel to find this one good spot. I'd really low to know what obstructs my building area, so that i'd know which one i need to remove)
-some stuff should happen automatically while new building is placed : terrain should level up and maybe power grid pylons should move a bit if it's possible?
-It would be great to have somwhere to check how much electric power is used/available and to get a list of dinos in some particular paddock

-My dino park would really look better if i could place some kind of props : dino figures, skeletons, holograms... you know... more parkish :p

I see a Gyrosphere controls in can you control that? o.0

That came out long..
i really ove it though and hope it will be in the end AT LEAST as fun as PC was at the pre-order beta

Ayone else got the same issues?

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Please post your wishes and feedback also in the pinned wishlist here.

I keep this thread open because you also have some questions in your post.
driving the gyrospheres requires you to research driveable gryrospheres

You can check your total power output and usage in the management views
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