[Stream] Getting into PvP in Elite Dangerous. Ships, Builds & Engineering

The Replicated Man

Hey Guys/Girls. Over the past few months I have been making Youtube videos showcasing various fights that I have had in Elite. I was limited strictly to youtube due to my poor Internet connection (DSL) and wasn't able to stream. Well as of yesterday, I had Fibre Internet installed and I am now able to stream.

I am pleased to announce that I will be starting a stream that is designed to help people get into PvP and show how the PvP combat system in Elite Works.
I am starting out with a Alliance Chieftain, and building it on stream and explaining the details of the build and how it works. After the ship is completed, I will demonstrate how effective it will be in PvP. We will be going through every module and engineering it.

So feel free to swing by, say hello, and feel free to ask any questions regarding PvP or Engineering. I am planning on starting the stream later today at 18:00EST.
Thanks! (I will try and be streaming every evening if possible, if I am not engineering, I will be PvPing or Core Mining)

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