Strikes me as funny that ship theft would be news.

Yes, I know that currently, there is no way to steal a ship in the game, but that never made me think that it didn't happen in the Elite Dangerous universe lore. It just strikes me as funny that a worker stealing a ships in making galactic news. For Frontier to suggest that ships are never stolen by writing these articles is laughable.

Reference GalNet articles:


PS: Sorry if someone already made an identical thread. I search first and didn't find one.
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I'm inclined to think that most Galnet articles fall into four categories:
  • Stories about stuff you can actually get involved with right now (or in the immediate future)
  • Stories laying the foundations for a significant future development (which you will be able to get involved with)
  • Stories laying the foundations for a significant future storyline/lore (but which might not directly provide content to get involved with)
  • Stories that just provide some background with no real consequence and no effect on players
In this case, I feel it could well be the second option, but the fourth is very possible.
I suppose if GalNet is mostly news for commanders, it is no surprise a ship theft would be newsworthy. Wouldn't want your hard earned Cutter to suddenly vanish and reappear at the next scrap yard, with only the black box being left as identifiable part. And insurance says, sorry, theft is impossible, we don't cover that.
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I just don't care about Galnet articles any more. I followed a few with interest & nothing panned out, and on the odd occasions where it turned out they were clues to some later event there was no way to predict which with any degree of accuracy.

I never read it any more.
With the Powerplay portion of the game I would think a lot of the news would be affected by our support of this style of play, and new discoveries in the galaxy by what ever commander did it should be in the news if you ask me.
It strikes me as astonishing that anybody even cares about Galnet News. It was added to the game to make it seem like there was actually content to it. Next to nothing on Galnet matters besides the reports on events and activities the player can actually play a role in. The rest is filler material nobody could care less about.

Oh look, a corrupt president. About as exciting as the missions board.
How about this : Ships cost a lot, so the security is tight. You might think having a space ship is common, because we all have one, or several, but we are the 1%.

To the common people, land locked as they are, stealing a spaceship is like stealing a jumbo jet. It'll make the news.
This is something people seem to forget. Elite isn't really a game about the dark, gritty side of the universe, it's a game about being a stupendously rich person swanning about in whatever ship they'd like rather than working an honest living.
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