Had a quick question I was hoping someone could answer. I just reached the point where my pilots permit has just been rescinded (whick i didn't realize would happen) and I am now stuck in Hollatja and Ay Indi unable to travel to any other system. I am very new to the game and am still learning so I figure I am doing something wrong. Any suggestions?
One of:

1) Character Reset and start again - if you want to get back in the starter zone
2) Use google to find out how to improve your jump range and carry on
3) Ask someone to pick you up in their Fleet Carrier and put you somewhere else (then goto 2 :) )

I'd pick 2, but up to you.
New pilots nowadays start in a "starter zone" that veterans aren't allowed to enter (to stop them picking on the newbies and blowing them up with massively overpowered ships).

Looks like you have now "graduated", so you have to leave the noobzone. You need to pick a more distant system.
As others have said, it is normal to leave the starter zone, that is good.

But with regards to your problem, do you mean you are stuck because your jump range is too short? If so, there are multiple options, but you'll need to elaborate a little bit for us whether this is the issue?

Simple solutions include changing your route planning from fastest to economical, trying the outfitting at the stations and bases you are in, to look for a better fsd, or if you can't afford one, you'll have to find some trades or missions you can do in the system.

Basically there is almost always a solution, but more information is needed to help out directly.
Just on the outskirt of the bubble, returning from Colonia. I'll sit in Ay Indi for a bit, see if he hops onboard to refuel.

lostnvegas - If you are still stuck in the next 30mins, hop onboard my carrier 'LKS ATLAS' it will appear in your right panel. Might just be easier for you to start from scratch, if you haven't done much ingame yet.

Good luck

edit - ah damn, I uninstalled all services for this trip back. No can do.
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It used to get rescinded after you docked outside the starter systems after ranking up in any of the 3 grades (soon to be 4). Not sure if thats still the case but if you do reset worth checking out first.

Otherwise, yes if that Q&A doesnt help we'll need more info on what the actual problem is, theres many to stop you getting anywhere depending on what exactly you mean :) gl youre just in time to learn the game before the major major update comes
I just reached the point where my pilots permit has just been rescinded
Just to be clear here -

Your permit to enter the pilots federation sponsored "training zone" has been removed.

But this is not a bad thing, you have not done anything wrong. It's not a punishment.
You've been rewarded- you are now "too good" to be counted as a "new pilot"

If it's fuel you need (I notice Hollatja is a Brown Dwarf and unscoopable) then google the fuel rats. They'll sort you out.
Hollatja has at least one outpost (Fermat City) and a planetary port (not sure I'd like to land there as it is called Popper Keep) where one can fuel up. (Plus at the moment 13 FCs for some reason - prolly feeding newbies.)
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