Studios Pack new DLC coming soon!

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Dazzle your guests and leave them spellbound in an aura of movie magic with the all-new Planet Coaster Studios Pack! Working behind the scenes, put on a show like no other and they'll be talking about your "talkies" for decades to come! Lights... camera... ACTION!

On March 27, 2018 we are releasing the action-packed Studios Pack for you to get creative with; our newest paid content pack is specifically catered for those who want to bring that glitzy Hollywood glamour to their park. With new props, stunts, animatronics and special effects to boot, you'll be able to breathe new life into those park centerpieces. The content pack contains three new rides: the Big Screen Tour; electrically powered tour buses that can be used as a transport or tracked ride. Re-Motion; an electrically-powered tracked ride with an adjustable robotic arm holding the seats, four points of articulation allow the seats to be moved freely in all directions! And finally, the Horror Heights; scream in terror in this classic multi-drop tower!

Set the stage and thrill your guests with new static and animated building attachments, props, vehicles, character animatronics and placeable special effects. With impressive stuntmen & women, stunt fall boxes, stunt fall dumpsters and even breaking windows, you'll be able to use to put your guests right in the middle of the action.

And, don't forget about what goes on behind the stage: new wall set, construction props and metropolis wall tiles together with Planet Coaster’s existing themes will allow you to build those far-from-glamourous... but essential backlots.

In addition to the paid content, we are releasing a small free update to all players which includes: hotels; to keep your guests sticking around for longer; eagerly awaited path tunnelling, allowing you to place a path-shaped holes in terrain; as well as triggerable flexi-colour on objects; and triggerable time of day in the ride camera - night becomes day in a flash!

The Planet Coaster Studios Pack is completely optional for you to purchase – you can get it from Steam or the Frontier Store for £7.99 ($10.99, €10.99). Please note that you need to have the Planet Coaster base game in order to download and play this extra content.

Are you ready to be in movies, kid?!


Would be cool if we get walls that make our rooms pitch black like a "real" dark ride.[squeeeeee]

It all depends on the game engine of course, and how it's programmed.
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Still sad they never fixed indoor lighting. With this pack having even a heavier focus on dark rides. The time of day trigger is just another workaround.
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No sleep now until Tuesday as I dream up new ideas for these new items/rides!!! Then no sleep after that while I actually play the game.
You mean like the space walls without stars? There should be a way to block the sun from a dark ride, as of now you can make it night time when riding, or put terrain around the back of the ride building. I wish they would stop making weird rides that are either fictitious or only one or two exist in the world and give us more common rides that are found in amusement parks, fairs, and carnivals. Like the Gravitron, Thunder Bobs, and Round Up for example which are in RCT3. I wonder how hotels will work. I would like to see what the Horror Tower looks like. I wish they would do a carnival theme with carnival games, arcade, games of skill, etc. like the hit the bell with the mallet. Maybe another train this time with open sided coaches with forward facing seats which are more common than the two types we have now. I would have loved a tram type ride for boardwalks like the hop on hop off tram in RCT3 but the bus looks cool.
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I'm so glad this has finally been announced! So excited to have had the opportunity to be come down and work with you for this pack. Thanks so much for the opportunity!!
Great to see the support continue.

Hotels ! GREAT !
Pathtunneling GREAT !

10 bucks for a DLC is fine.
I won't do much more i think.

Hopefully the management engine will get another complex revision.
It's fun, but way too shallow to keep on playing.

Building stuff is just ... The best system ever created.

Long time lurker since development.
Great to see such a wonderful adventure.

Thank you Frontier for the support.
triggerable time of day in the ride camera - night becomes day in a flash!
This. Dark rides are now officially a thing.
Sounds like it works by simply placing trigger where on the track day becomes night and vice versa so when you ride the ride, entering an indoor area forces the game to night. [up]
Sounds good such a great dlc, but I still miss some basics:
More Kiddie Rides!!!!!
Schweizer Bobbahn
Wild Mouse
Shuttle Transport Option!!!!
More flowers etc
Missing Walls, roofs for the existing Sets
More options for the Information (Maps etc)
Railroad Crossing
Real glass windows, roofs...
Weather Effects with umbrella, Sunglasses
Copy Option for all things incl bushes, trees, lamps etc.!!!!!
Another long time lurker here who has pulled his finger out and joined the community.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to the developers and all those who worked on the update. My wife didn’t need another reason to hate me but she’s got one now!

On a side note, some people just really can’t be pleased and it must be so disheartening for those who work hard to bring us new content to read people instantly running it down. My frustrations nearly boiled over in the related threads with the constant negativity and the “I want now” attitude some displayed. I bought the game for what it was at the time. Anything that comes extra is huge bonus. 3 months is not a long time to wait. Be patient.

So once again - great update and I can’t wait to get it downloaded and running as soon as it comes live.

Having just returned from a long week at Disneyland Paris, it’s clear where the inspiration comes from...!
Absolutely stoked to see how the hotels are going to work!

I'm a little concerned about the phrase "it's a mega-build"... Does this mean that it's modular like the shops / facilities or that it's like a blueprint? Will we be able to place the shops to create restaurants, create shows etc or is it just going to be a building like the toilets / staff room that guests just disappear into?
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