Studios Pack new DLC coming soon!

I agree with "cosmic Cow". Steam probably is backlogged and has high traffic and slowing it down. Frontier probably already released it but the steam process is so backlogged it's gonna take a few moments. [blah] we will all be okay it's not the end of the world. Chris Sawyer,Bo,Ed,Will,Sam,and all the other staff always take care of us in the community it will be out soon today it's not like they forgotten about us.
Oh boo hoo its been 30 min extra....get over it... it will be out when its out. Once its out, its not going anywhere. Everyone will live, just be patient. Its not a huge deal.
Amen, it'll be out when it's out. Some of these comments just give them more reason to keep things close to their chest in future.
No not impatient. If you communicate that the update is available between 9 am and 5 pm, and it isn't on time without communication... People are wondering why.
Agreed, knowing what went wrong to make the release fall outside the window... (Nine being their estimate for the earliest it would go live and five giving them wiggle room of 8 hours just in case it took longer than expected to upload or whatever... ) Kind of want to know what the delay is now, because it's later than the 8 hours of wiggle room the allowed themselves.
totally happy to wait but the banter is quite good because the forums have been very quite for a few weeks and nice to see so many people eagerly awaiting, and so many people enjoying the amazing work frontier does.
Amen, it'll be out when it's out. Some of these comments just give them more reason to keep things close to their chest in future.
Well 30 minutes and counting... and that's beyond the 8 hour time window they gave us... (The point of a time window being that you're accounting for potential delays.) So far we haven't even gotten a "Sorry it's gonna take longer than we thought it might."

Of course we're gonna be antsy about it.
In that case they couldnat least keep us updated here...
I don't know how the branches work and how they upload, push, change etc. But.. when we first discovered the new DLC app, all of the activity was to this same Dev Branch... Suggesting that this is a building environment. But I literally have no idea.
Only just past 9am in Los Angeles. Hooray for a good night's sleep waiting on Frontier! :) Good morning everyone, are we booked into our hotels yet?
My guests are tired of walking miles and miles through mysterious underground tunnels to get to my park... They'd much rather drive cars and ride in buses [haha]
Unfortunately not yet. Meanwhile sleep deprived angry peeps are running amok in my park, leaving a trail of destruction ... :p
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