[LFG] Stupid Idea That I Want To Perform

I'm currently flying home from my 8 months expedition and while doing multicrew combat breaks got a stupid idea of getting Deadly Combat Rank being in the void. I'm on Dangerous 84% for now and by my approximations need to kill about 200 deadly-elite ships to promote. I've got 2% with my friend today in about an hour and he has not the best ship with not the best damage, though we were quite lucky with enemies: most of them were from dangerous to elite. So, I suppose it wont take more than 10 hours to get the next rank.

What do I need for this? First and foremost, a pilot who wishes to help me and who has with a cutter or corvette that can deal a lot of damage. Preferably they must be Deadly or Elite to make the game spawn high-rank ships. There should be 2 fighters in the ship, and they are better to be gimbaled beam lasers and gimbaled multi-cannons, because I do not think that I will find another crew member and we may have to find them via crew search, and not many of players can effectively handle fixed weapons (I mean to aim properly that it would deal more damage that gimbaled ones), though we may go with classical repeaters + gimbaled lasers loadout. Finally, we need a Compromised Navigational Beacon to farm the rank there, and its also preferably to be not far from the restock station. Plus, the helping pilot should have a decent amount of ammo or materials for its synthesis cause restock flights every 20 minutes will greatly increase the needed time.

All in all, if we have constant and skillful second-fighter pilot, stable connection, good damage, nice amount of luck for the game to spawn valuable ships, we may perform this all in 5-6 hours of intensive playing. If you are interested in this and want to help me with this (or maybe you don't have a damaging ship but can assist with the second fighter) write under this post and we will discuss that. And though I would be glad to get help from anybody, you still should be at least Master, because pilot rank affects enemies' ranks and low rank ships, though may be fast to kill, will give too small amount of points for their killing, plus Novice and lower enemies destruction will not increase my rank at all.

As for the playing time, it differs for me and we better talk this over personally (though I am usually online at approx 15:00-22:00 galactic time (UTC)). We may do this in one session or in several, or, if there are more than one person who can help me, I can switch between you when it's convenience for you to play.

Picture is just for the design

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