Stupid is..

After finishing NPC piracy runs, I tend to speed into the station using boost to get through the mailslot as fast as possible.

This works great for avoiding scans as I usually have 200 tons or more of stolen LTDs but I also have a tendency to stick the nose of the Corvette I use in the back of the station. You know those strut things around the bit that sticks out? The nose gets caught on those.
To add to this, there are also the times I drop in at the station, having lined up my approach in SC beforehand so it's a straight shot in through the mailslot, boost once to get within the 7.5 km needed to request docking and then rapidly click through all the steps needed to request docking before boosting again to get in before any scans. Then, I realise that due to being too fast or because of input lag I don't actually have docking permission and I have to scramble to reverse out of the station before they shoot me down.
the most stupidous thing is:

blow spaceships with handguns... just no comments.
who need that powerful class weapons on hardpoints when u can just 'open window and shot down anything with AR-50"...
I got killed by my own Fleet Carrier. And I still don't know why. No bounties, no notoriety. Checked Inara log - "trespass". What trespass? I feel stupid....
Went to meet a contact for a mission at a nav beacon near a White Dwarf (in the days before they had cones), the contact was too close to the star, and I didn't know how to safely get back into SC, ended up frying my ship whilst struggling with the controls and running out of heatsinks (think I might've only had 1 left anyway - if that).

I also once "suicide-windered" back from Colonia but didn't use a Sidewinder and self-destructed my fully-engineered Krait Phantom explorer. Took days to rebuild one to that standard.
Also been shot down by a base I have restored power to.
I recently sneaked into an abandoned base, its power off, but it had system security ships hovering above it. No personnel so I scooped all the goodies with a false sense of security(!), but driving my SRV back up out of the crater the base was in, one of the ships scanned me and they all opened fire.
I do something stupid almost every session I play.

One particularly high move involved lighting up an allied NPC because I misread my kill warrant scanner in a high RES ... the cops came down on me like a ton of bricks.

My ship had already taken damage during my bounty hunting session, so I barely escaped with my life, and then had to find a port to wipe my record.

Funny in retrospect, but I was kicking myself then.

2nd on my Idiot Parade list was probably when I finally got my permit to Jameson Memorial ... and proceeded to ram into the side of the station because I accidentally boosted. That was quite the grand entrance.
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There seems to be a running theme of docking damage and silent running. I took a luxury tourism criminal boss passenger on a 6000 light year sightseeing trip, everything went fine until arriving back at the origin station. Started getting scanned, had no heatsinks left so boosted for the slot from a fair distance away and engaged silent running (having forgotten it instantly drops one's shields).... just missed the slot, pranged into the station hull adjacent, got damaged (not too badly) due to zero shields during silent running, and the "angry" VIP passenger ejected - no payment, no mission reward. I think they did it just to avoid paying for their journey! I stupidly gave them the excuse for a free trip that had taken hours. Grrr.
Well, first up, I decided to store all of my passenger worthy ships (four of them.) at one of the ruined stations at Cornsa. Enough said about that one. I did however manage to have them transported to another system close while using my Anaconda for the rescue mission in Cornsa without rebuy.

Fortunately, I did make enough for rebuy doing those missions....

Left my Anaconda floating in space near the rescue ship, while I was talking to somebody and something hit me, I lost most of my shields. Fortunately I noticed in time and got out of there. I think it was some player's ship that either flew into mine or kept hitting me with some sort of weapon.

I got my Anaconda caught in the slot because I tried turning it two early to land inside after entering the station. I was stuck fast and then I forgot about the heat situation inside the station, then I was able to free it again, and I proceeded to get closer to my landing pad when my ship started to explode around me. Maybe something hit my ship from behind, maybe it was another player, another ship. Most likely it was just the heat around the interior of the station and the fact that I forgot about using my heatsink in time and lost my ship as the console went blank as it does a second time.

Lucky, I had rebuy, but I still got to fly back to Cornsa after rejoining my ship and being redeployed at the Heart of Orion.
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