Stuttering upon entering system with bodies post patch

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Am out in the black, and first few systems seemed much smoother....but they only had a few stars in them.

Any system entered since with multiple bodies, the game stutters like hell upon entering it until ('m guessing) the bodies are generated.

I have recreated this now 4 times in a row.

CPU is not showing any spikes.

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Xbox user here, can confirm stutter present on dropping into systems. I'm in the bubble and only done like 2 jumps but it was very apparent. Persists for a few seconds.

So far from my perspective, the update has fixed bugs that I never experienced and caused some bugs I can experience.

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As @Stephen Benedetti mentioned here, this looks like some initial server jitteriness that should subside shortly.

Thank you for the reports, our early investigation suggests that this is just initial server jitters, which should subside shortly. However, we have passed this along to the team to keep an eye on and investigate in the event that it continues.
As @Stephen Benedetti mentioned here, this looks like some initial server jitteriness that should subside shortly.
Also experiencing the stuttering.

It happens immediately when jumping into a system. And I think I know what's going on...

It appears that the game is calculating at least the GEO PoI's the moment you jump in to a system, for any landable planet with volcanism, rather than waiting for an FSS scan to happen. Because I scanned a few landables with volcanism and the GEO PoI count appears immediately, rather than first giving a 'likelihood' and then waiting gives you the GEO PoI count.

This is completely different behaviour from the patch notes.

EDIT: Ah I see it's already been sussed out :)
I'm seeing a lot of stuttering, and not just in systems I haven't visited. When I logged in today at Jameson Memorial, as soon as I launched it was like a slideshow for a bit. Stutter, stutter, stutter all the way out.

I left the system and did other things for a while. Some systems stuttered badly, others did not.

When I returned to Shinrarta Dezhra I again had a bunch of stutters, this time near the star as I headed to the station.

I suppose this explains the occasional micro-stutter I've always had and could never get rid of. I assumed it was graphics related, but if the game stutters like this because of 'server issues' then it just means the programming is poor.

Anyway, it's become much, much worse with this patch.


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As there are two threads on this subject, could you please continue your conversations over here.

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