Proposal Discussion Subsidiaries for commodities in high demand

I have been noticing in some system markets that there is a rather high demand for commodities used for making other commodities.

e.g. Eranin is demanding Animal Monitors and supply for Animal Meat is low.
e.g. I Bootis is demanding Cotton and clothing supply is low
maybe e.g. Eranin is drowning in Biochemicals and Hydrogen Fuels

Maybe stations/systems can provide trade contracts to players that provide a significant bonus in exchange for offloading/bringing in commodities in critical supply/demand.

I predict that the markets of the full release may suffer when players go for the best-profit runs instead of keeping the economy healthy.
LOL - I understand your point - but then we'll end up with the equivalent of paying farmers to keep fields fallow, burning sheep wool because there is no market for it, and then those same farmers erecting windfarms in non-subsidised fields and asking for sheep species compensation because their wool isn't wanted.

Then the government has to pay them, while they still rake in cash by privateering on the leccy ;)

It's a very strange world.
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