[Suggestion] Allow players to locking module to prevent them from being sold or reengineered accidentally.

[Suggestion] Allow players to locking module to prevent them from being sold or reengineered accidentally.

I had this idea awhile back, inspired by Destiny, and was told by one of Frontier's support staff I should post it here after pitching the idea in a support ticket I filed for missing modules. I know other games probably have this feature, but Destiny is where I personally have first seen it, but I think it would be a great addition to Elite. I know, you're probably smarter than me and have never accidentally sold your 6A fully engineered Power Plant and Power Distributor that multiple of your ships share, but I have. Mistakes happen. It would be nice if we could lock our modules so that the only thing we could do is move them around. This would avoid the mistake of selling modules while transferring them or reengineering the wrong module.

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That could work. Or add an extra warning when selling engineered modules. People are not going to be selling them too often, so an extra "are you really, really, REALLY sure you want to sell that engineered module that took you WEEKS to setup? Press N for no, or Y for no waY" should not be too much bother.
Or just make it so that you MUST remove all modifications before you can sell a ship or modules?

Insurance-rebuy-sells would first sell hull and replace all modules with stock. THEN and ONLY then would it allow you to sell engineered modules individually.
I accidentally sold a modified Packhound launcher instead of buying and storing it.
Luckily, if you notice before take off/log off, there is a buy back option.

However, if you don't, then you lose it.

A lock, or just an additional reminder would be helpful.


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Simply adding a warning doesn't help here, I think. At least it doesn't help those who sell the module despite the already shown warning.

The suggestion to allow "locking" modules goes further than such a warning: When a module is locked, it should not be possible at all to sell or re-engineer the module. You need to manually go to a different menu, un-lock the module and go back to sell it. That's probably actually a wonderful fix for those who would also lazily sell their whole ship on accident.
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