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Greetings commanders o7 !

Since now, I apologize for the bad English, I'm from South America (Brazil) and I'm still learning.

I have over 500 Elite hours, most of them as a cargo merchant of all kinds (including smuggler) and I have a suggestion to foster the range of possibilities when it comes to making money in the game.

Here is my suggestion:

As the game has a very rich history in details, a decisive factor in view of the economic growth of the powers and of all private organizations is the stock market and how it reflects on the population (players) within the game. Existing such a market, we can have more connection and influence in the face of events (and be able to earn good money from it).

It is clear that taking cargos from point A to point B and vice versa is the '' traditional '' form of trade, but in the middle of the 34th century there is no type of stock market?! that is almost unacceptable in view of technological development.

Several games currently have a stock market like GTA V for example that has one just for fun. I am aware that this can be very laborious to reproduce in Elite, but I believe that it could be an agenda to be studied by our beloved developers and that it would be wonderful to see it happening within the game, making it even more splendid.

I am very grateful that this game exists and is, in my opinion, the best in its field, for its exceptional community and for its developers who are always very concerned and attentive.

Thank you Frontier ❤​
This is an interesting idea.
The market would respond to what goods were being sold.
Factions could have stock market shares, and could go up and down, depending on what their economy is like. Faction expanding would cause it to go up, gaining control in a system would cause it to skyrocket.
So people could actually manipulate the markets by doing missions for the BGS, and the BGS would have a much deeper significance than just another label on a system.
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