Suggestion for next major update: Economy

Hi there,

I'm not sure if these suggestions are read by developers, but if they are, I've been sparked with an idea with the release of fleet carriers.

Considering that these carriers are movable space stations more or less, my suggestion is to integrate a fully flesh-out economy.
I know supply/demand was a big thing, and I very much enjoy it, but I honestly think it could be fleshed out a lot more.

I won't begin to speculate on the details, mechanics, semantics, or balances you would have to apply, but here goes:

I suggest that commanders who own fleet carriers be able to found their own company.
Furthermore, I suggest that these CEOs be given the option to stay private, or go public.

Going public would facilitate the need for a galaxy wide stock market (no options yet, unless you guys know the deal!).
Let players purchase shares of other companies, NPC or player owned, sell them, trade them, etc.
The ranks of the galactic stock market could be filled with existing NPC companies, maybe a 50/50 cut between the existing companies in the game, or however it would be logical to do.

A galactic stock market would put more weight on the galactic GalNet system and local news sources.
I think players would actually pay attention to galactic and local news in the game as those news pieces may affect the companies that they've invested in, positively or negatively.

Now this is just an idea thrown out there to the wind.
I know that this could be a daunting and enormous undertaking to try to integrate and/or incorporate into the game.
I just feel that it would add an element to the immersion that most other games miss the mark on.
Elite: Dangerous is already an amazing game, and I really would love to see more content come to it to enrich the atmosphere as a whole.

I just feel like a system like this would be a next logical step considering how economically based ED already is.

If you actually read here to the end, I thank you. Leave a comment if you like, I would love to hear what other people think.

Thanks again,
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