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These suggestions for improving the game are collected from the players of the Russian-speaking community - members of site, these are the things that, in our opinion, will make the game even better. Each of the proposals was discussed by a multitude of pilots before getting a finished look. Feedback can be given to the mailbox - - I'll give it all -or in this topic.

Idea #1 Improving planet surface navigation

General: It will be useful to be able to set bookmarks on planet surface (just like on space objects), so remembering and finding desired locations will be much easier. For example it'll be useful to remember barnacles or ancient ruins destination, so we can leave and return faster with more comfort.
- Placing a bookmark on planet surface by double-click on it, in "Planet surface map" mode.
- Placing a bookmark through pop up menu by clicking "Add new bookmark" in left side menu (right above "Exit" button. See pictures for details).
- Stronger zoom on planet surface to maintain more precise bookmark placing.
- Editing bookmark by double-click on it. For surface bookmarks we can change name and coords.
- Showing bookmark name and coords by single click on it.
- Bokmark is virtual point on planet surface. It exist only in ship's computer and as marker on ship's (SRV's) HUD, showing it's destination on surface. So no need in any "material" objects.


Idea #2 "Organizer" module
We're suggesting to add special module, which will divide big optional compartments into smaller ones. It will allow pilots to install more than one (but lower class) modules into this compartment. so they will be able to use their ships compartments more rationally and effectively. It will also improve popularity of ships with small number of compartments, especially if they're high class.
- Organizer module have it's own small mass and energy draw depending on it's class, because this module contains it's own distributors for power, coolant materials, control signals, feedback signals etc. for 2-3 modules instead of one.
- Because of those additional equipment, summary class of resulting compartments will be always a bit smaller than original one. How much smaller, depends on Organizer's class and number of resulting modules. But compartments of 3 and 2 class can be divided without such penalty, because Organizers of 3 and 2 classes are reasonably small-sized.
- It is possible to install lower class Organizers into high class compartments, if pilot wants to win on mass and energy draw by losing in resulting compartments classes.
- It's not allowed to install organizer inside another one.

Idea #3 Ships grouping in "Contacts" menu
We suggest to apply space objects grouping principle to ships in wing formations. So wing leader will be parent objects and wing members - secondary objects. Just like in "Navigation" menu.
Example Image

Idea #4 Simplier landing on ground, mining and pirate outposts.
We're suggesting to allow pilots to land on ground, mining and pirate outposts landing pads in both directions, because it's really not as critical as on Orbis and Coriolis stations. So in case when ship's landing in "take off" direction, landing pad just won't rotate to go down to hangar or to let ship to take off. It's logical and practical because it's saving a lot of time, energy and landing pad mechanisms resource.

Idea #5 Taking actual distance to target for hyperspace jump.
Now, when calculating hyperspace jump distance and fuel consumption, game does count in formula just static value of distance between current star and target star. We're suggesting to change this constant to variable - actual distance from ship to target star system.

- Such hyperspace jump mechanics will allow explorers to reach distant, previously enreachable star systems. It will cost hours or even days of flight, but huge amount of explorers believes that result will worth the effort.
- It won't brake any gameplay parts (such as Hutton Orbital etc.)
- It won't fix the problem with gap between star systems.
- Such improvement will make hyperspace jump mechanics more logical and plausible.
- For now, pilot still need to jump, even if he have traveled all the way to target system in super-cruise.

Idea #6 Information banners

The main idea is to add a more useful info to current advertising banners of stations and bases. Through to that, a banners must also show an important moments of stations' life
It will not affect the gampelay too much but will add more immersion.
- In any case the banners must show current status of station (Boom, Bust, War, Epidemy, etc..)
- In case of price collapse for some commodity, banners must show the notice of sale.
- In case of rise of purchase price of commodity due to shortage, banners must show appropriate info.
- The banners must show only vendors which space ships is in current stock.
- The Banners can play info about most evil criminals and/or npc's pirates including actual bounty for their head from leading faction of current station.
- In addition these banners could also show hot offers in Frontier Store

Idea #7 Traders gameplay and roleplay improvements.
Part 1:
We're suggesting to add new profitable but dangerous hard to accomplish missions. This kind of mission must have a note "it recommended to accomplish this mission as part of wing".
- High risk courier missions have the same rank as regular, but much higher chance to be interdicted by high ranked wing of pirates.
- Mission rewards must be much bigger, so sharing it between wingmans in proportion 50%/25%/25% (or 66%/33% for wing of 2 members) must provide reward, bigger or equal to the same rank of regular courier mission reward.
- Increasing of faction's reputation/influence must raise proportionally to credits reward.
- Reward can be shared only between wingmans who are in same instance with those who have the mission (mission leader). So if one wingman will be on the other side of galaxy when mission leader is taking reward, this "traveler" won't get anything and his part of reward will be shared between the rest pilots of wing.
Such missions will add more roleplay to game and provoke more cooperation between players.

Part 2:
We're suggesting to add new compartment (or repurpose existing) to transport ships. In case of repurposing existing compartments, it'll be possible to install not only regular modules but also a new module "High security and capacity cargo rack". If adding new compartments with saving existing unchanged, then it'll be possible to install only "Cargo rack" or "High security and capacity cargo rack" in to this special compartments.
Features of new module:
- Thanks to optimisation of compartment space and vessels systems "High security and capacity cargo rack" can hold much more cargo than regular "Cargo rack".
- Thanks to high-tech materials used in production of "High security and capacity cargo rack" it's possible to transport any fragile, toxic, radioactive or perishable cargo without risk of damaging it or danger of harming crew or environment.
- Walls of new cargo rack can protect cargo from most types of emissions, so scanning of "High security and capacity cargo rack" can take much more time, than scanning regular "Cargo rack".
Such module will make trading a bit more interesting, more diverse. It will increase popularity of transport ships for trading purposes, it will make transport ships more profitable on trading than multi-purpose ships, which can't be contested at the moment. And again - it will add more roleplay.

Idea #8 Captains journal (not just log)
We're suggesting to add a new feature - Captains journal, which can contain many types of information on players choose.
Main features:
- Captains journal is a database, created and edited on client's computer.
- Pilot can access Captians journal via left navigation panel. "Captains journal" button must be placed right above "Galactic powers" button.
- Captains journal looks like table of notes and pinned information materials (i.e. news, blueprints etc.). This table must contain next rows: Name (can be edited by pilot), type of information, date of creation. Most important is ability to pin messages from lore quests (like Guardian's ruins).
- Captains journal is showing on central screen. Just like Galactic Powers, Galnet news and Engineers tables showing.
- Captains journal contains notepad, allowing to create and edit notes. There must be "Create note" button.
- Different information materials can be copied into captains journal, such as: GalNet News, local station/outpost news, message (mail) from comms panel, active mission from transactions panel, engineers blueprints, price list of commodities on current station/outpost.
- Must be ability to delete unwanted notes.
Additional features:
- Ability to save star systems as links to them on Galaxy map. Make star system's names in GalNet and local news link's as well, so we can quickly tap on link and see the system on galaxy map.
- Ability to save current destination of ship: name of star system, name of closest space object or "deep space", coordinates if ship is on planet surface.
- Ability to subscribe local news. Pilot can subscribe on any station of current star system. News update will be performed on any station in galaxy (via GalNet, obviously). It's available to subscribe only in 5 or less star systems.
- Sorting notes in table by rows (name, date, type).

Captains journal is very important for completing long time quests such as quest about ancient ruins, and also will make game much more comfortable.

Thank you for reading this topic. We hope you like these ideas and that some of them will be embodied in the game!
Best regards, members EG Union /
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