Suggestion: Improve the trade experience on the Galaxy Map.

Good morning:

I am an experienced player who plays the game with Oculus and who likes to play, especially in the role of merchant. I have a lot of fun when I fly my beautiful Imperial Cutter and, I make trade routes of "single hop trade" and without looking for profitability beyond the one I find in the station where I am currently. That's why I was very pleased with the new way of looking for commercial routes that appeared with the last update of the game.

I really like the new trading system that appears on the map of the galaxy. It seems a success on the part of Fdev having included this way to look for trade routes in their new update but alas! There is always something that does not finish to "round" the search system that in the end, it has to go to help of external Web pages to the game to look for the information that the game should offer to me.

I am referring to the need that currently exists of having to have visited a station in order to obtain the trade data of the same one. If I want to search for trade from station "A" with station "B" because I can not know that I can sell in "B" if I have not visited before that station?

Gentlemen of Fdev don't you realize that every time I have to get out of the game to look for this information I broke the immersion I seek in your game?

From the map of the Galaxy, right now I can buy the mapping data of systems that I have not visited why don't they do the same with the trade data?

It doesn't make sense to me that I can do that with stellar cartography data and I can't do it with the trade data.

Gentlemen of Fdev: Keep in mind that I tell you and try to include it in some of your upcoming updates.

Thank you
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