[SUGGESTION] Livery color option, per ship HUD color options.

Right now, if you want to change the hud color, you have to hack a game file.

Many folks have asked for a HUD color option in game.

Perhaps FDev doesn't want to touch the ship UI because it's "complicated".

Here's an idea that would be better to skirt that with a cool side effect.

We recently got COVAS voices, and there's a small bit of new UI to that screen.

Why not have Per-Ship HUD color sliders changeable per ship in the Livery screen?

They can create a custom UI for the livery and allow us to give each of our ships a different hud color along with a different voice. Maybe this might be possible to extend that to the SRVs and SLFs just like COVAS.

Then they wouldn't have to touch the buggy ship HUD, just decouple it's colors from the Station UI so we don't get funny colored people anymore. (the old way of changing colors could still affect the Station UI if you wanted that to still be there, or the default colors be affect by it or what not.)

Plus, logically, it's where you 'customize' your ship anyway, engine colors, weapon colors, voices. I think the only exception here would be to allow for RGB sliders rather then pre-boxed options. (please don't do pre-box, if you intend to do that, then leave it like it is.)


Edit for clarity: I don't mean put the hud color option on the COVAS screen, it would be it's own option on the livery screen.
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They've explained the issue before. The color palette of the HUD is linked to many other UI elements. You can't change it without making other things look weird, like NPC faces. To allow it they would have to go though the whole UI and untangle it. It's a lot of work for a cosmetic feature.
Everything like NPC faces already get to look weird when colors are messed with.

Honestly, how they can tangle the UI with the color to the entire interface is just completely baffling to me anyhow. Is it like a single shader that runs the entire interface? Feels more like a cop-out to me. They must have every single line with a link to that same shader hard coded or something. The idea that they didn't allow them selves room for customization is just mind bending. Who writes their code like that?... right, ... never mind.

Fine... but the idea is still valid, even if it's just changing the colors we can currently set. weird is what weird is anyway, might as well enjoy the mind trippy colors and let us customize it per ship.

P.S. at least console users would get the same options.
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