[Suggestion] More controls with hold/toggle option

I just got a thrustmaster warthog which has many two way switches, i. e. it has two states. I know many other people that own this stick and I could imagine there are other joysticks out there that have two way switches, too. It would be great if more controls could be set to hold/toggle mode. Right now it's only possible to set the button mode to hold for cargo scoop, flight assist and reverse thrust - if it recall this correctly.

It would be great if we could have at least following controls with a hold mode as well:
  • Deploy hardpoints
  • Ship lights
  • Landing Gear
  • Toggle orbit lines

I know there are problems with two of them:
Deploy hardpoints can also be done via firing. But you could disable hold button mode for deploy hardpoints when firing deploys hardpoints is turned on. Or when firing deploys hardpoints you could just hold and release your button to retract them.
Landing gear sometimes can't be retracted for instance when you're docked at a station. But you could just ignore the button release when the ship is docked and either retract the landing gear as soon as possible or one has to hold and release the button once more after launching.

This would be great to see!
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