suggestion of fun-oriented game mode to add in the ELITE universe.

my suggestion is a PVP mode accessible through a station located at a point near where the territory of the 3 factions converge (regardless of who is in power), a combat mode where you must bring a faction vessel (federation, alliance or empire ) medium-sized (including the imperial clipper and imperial currier) equipped the way you want. In the case of an initiative, it could start with something simple (like 8 versus 8 combat) and depending on players' acceptance of the mode, more common modes can be added to PVP games in the form of combat operations.
The mode would have a reserved instance (just like the CQC) and could occur in an asteroid ring or planet, players would not have to pay insurance for their ships during the mode and could die and reappear as many times as they wanted until the end of the game , the team that destroys more ships during the match wins (the prize value per destroyed ship could be a percentage of the enemy ship's purchase value in credits and the victory bonus could be rare engineering materials). The FSD, landing gear and cargo deck remain deactivated during play and the battle space is limited to a distance from a navigational beacon in the center of the combat zone, the player's craft that exceeds this distance by more than 10 seconds will have self-destruct activated.
there would be a similar mode totally reserved for the ships: imperial cutter, federal corvette and type-10 defender.

My intention in suggesting this is to allow us to use the full potential of our true ships and make combat more viable, frequent, and carefree. A fun-oriented mode that disguises itself in the form of intervention operations with hired mercenaries, something able to satisfy the players' need for interactive content and possibly the most fun way to get some credits or materials. This will motivate the community to test, show and share much more of the game's features, settings and combat knowledge, as well as allowing us to meet and communicate more often to work together or face.

NOTE: If the suggestion goes ahead, be sure to disable teamkill during the match. (preventing is always good) :)

Sorry for any possible writing failure, I'm using Google Translate. [smile][up]
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