Suggestion: Pilot character upper body position from HMD tracking

This is just a (very) minor suggestion, but I think it would be a nice touch; that the in-game pilot character's upper body follows from the HMD position (within limits). Including the head (with rotation, for seeing your own shadow, or for other players to see, though I imagine the latter is probably not often).

I've only seen this in one tech demo for the Oculus Rift, the Star Wars: Battle of Endor demo. It's updated to CV1. I just tried it on my DK2, it worked well except the ship keeps spinning (controller issues), so I haven't really tried it a lot. But anyway I think it's a nice little detail!
Browsing my old profile here on ED forums, and bumping this again (Seems like a logarithmic event.. . . 4 years time until next time? lol).
Anyhow. I'm afraid I haven't played ED in a long time, like, maybe a year or more (at least I demoed it last autumn to my brother).

So, is there such a mechanic in the game currently? Not that it's a make or break kind of thing, far from it. But it would be a nice detail. As long as we don't have space legs (we still don't have space legs, right?). Point in case (or however you english speaking folks say), look at Star Trek Bridge Crew. Upper body follows you. At least to a point. Awesome, right? It also follows the arms from the motion controllers, of which I guess wouldn't be used here, but then I'm guessing most people have some kind of HOTAS maybe, or other controllers (heck, maybe even virtual controls? Then you could use motion controllers anyway).
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