Suggestion: Planetary survey mission

Thank you for taking time to read my very first suggestion on the forums!

This morning i was thinking about flying in canyons, skimming across the surface, flying next to cliffs, ... which gave me a mission idea similar to the "scan outpost" missions:

Main idea: The mission's goal is to survey way points along a canyon/cliff/... by flying in close proximity to the way points (same ones as we have now to pinpoint the planetary outpost to scan only these would only change to another place when within 100 meters) the search begins the same as the current scan outpost missions in orbital cruise then will take place in these geographic places.

To refine this idea i'd say instead of procedural generation make these missions function like tourist beacons and add canyon racing tracks to these missions (input from the community?)

Variant: SRV surveying. Perhaps make this route shorter? this to prevent players deploying the SRV, driving there and back to the ship only to fly the ship to the next SRV way point.
Variant: Tourist "thrill seeker" missions: create a countdown when the ship flies through the first way point. would give fast nimble ships like the iCourier, iEagle, viper mkIII, DBS, ... another use.
Variant: multiple body survey: this is something i just came up with, in essence it's just a series of the main idea over and over again, but within the same system. this to prevent an easily done and over mission taking tops 10-15 minutes like the majority of missions we have right now. Might be put instead in a 'chained' mission system instead as we have now at times. (with increasing rewards?)

Payout: for the main idea something like 100-500k?
for the thrill seeker variant: apply a bonus of 15% when completed within the time given.

What do my fellow cmdrs think about my little brainstorm this morning?
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