[SUGGESTION] Tracer Limpets

I wasn't sure if this would be better off in the Crime & Punishment Focused Feedback forum - mods, please move if you feel it is better there!

My idea is for a type of limpet that attaches a tracer to hostile ships (maybe only those marked as 'Wanted') using the same method as hatchbreaker limpets. A successful attachment initiates a one-way friendship where the pilot who launched the limpet will always be able to see their target ship anywhere on the galaxy map, just like any other friend. The difference is that the ship with the tracer attached cannot see the player that launched the tracer, except when they share the same instance (just like any normal non-friend).

This would allow the person who was attacked to pursue their attacker at any time they choose, or avoid them. The trace would last until the attacker is destroyed (under any circumstances) and their bounty is claimed.

Here’s the good bit - each trace has a unique ID that can be shared with anyone: with friends, on Reddit, Frontier forums, etc… Anyone who enters that unique ID will be able to see the target on their galaxy map as though they had fired the limpet themselves.

The target would follow all existing 'Wanted' rules:

  • You should only attack them if they are Wanted, or are in a lawless system. Otherwise you will incur a bounty yourself, and maybe they’ll slap a tracer on you!
  • The trace could be time-limited to 7 days, or until the target’s bounty becomes dormant. Discuss!
  • The target’s ship is traced using Sandro's 'hot ship' logic - changing ships will hide the trace until the ship launches again, but transferring modules from a hot ship to another will cause the new ship to also be 'hot'. Discuss!
By using mostly existing and planned mechanics, it doesn’t feel like it should be hard to implement.

A tracer limpet could be an indispensable addition to any trader’s outfitting, and even bounty hunters (at the cost of a couple of internal slots, of course). Attackers will have to do a merry dance to avoid the limpet, giving the victim a chance to escape even if the limpet fails to attach.

PVP'ers can use this system to create notoriety, and have a true leaderboard.

What are people’s thoughts on this? Could it work? How could it be potentially abused?
Not sure about the whole trace ID sharing thing. I get the feeling some of the more popular uses of it might conflict with FDev's policies on harassment.

As for the mechanics:
  • Only able to be used on wanted ships without incurring a bounty seems like a good idea
  • Trace should last as long as the tagged ship is wanted, if ship is destroyed/bounty expires the trace should stop working
  • Trace should only affect the hull of the tagged ship, not the modules. It does not make any sense that a single limpet would be able to drop beacons on every module on a ship
This isn't a bad idea, but I'm not sure if this would be a useful addition to existing builds or if would just be some niche module that is rarely used.
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