Suggestion: Tying Mission Pay to global Completion rate

We have this issue quite often.

Commanders finds System X that generates some edge case of mission types that by happenstance give everyone doing them a whole bunch of money.
They use it for a long while, and the word begins to spread and everyone jumps in. Few months later, it gets manually nerfed directly by Frontier to calm things down as the edge case goes overboard and people gain/skip a whole bunch of their content and get to end game.

Now this Whack-a-mole situation has continued for quite long
Sothis, Quince, Cubeo, Rhea, LTT 9360, etc.

And from them only people who jump on those get the benefits from them.
Which is what is leading to discontent as soon as the cash cow dies or is killed,
leading to the next cash cow to be under viscious FOMO,
ending up in cycle of :mad::x:mad:.


I think Frontier could use their BGS to regulate, and incentivize commanders to take missions elsewhere by,

Making the missions givers competitive with each other:

Let me reiterate:

Use the average of global (Solo, PG, multiplayer) mission completion rate per hour for a station to set a pay ratio / penalty /bonus . for that hour the mission is generated.

The more (in the thousands) missions are getting completed over a short amount of time, the less the mission payout should be, down to a quarter of the original payout. The concept comes down the Supply and Demand. The more Commanders there are one is more likely to do something for a lower price point. It is supposed to be a cut-throat galaxy, after all why not cut-throat business.

Counterpoint, to incentivise players to go out there and do more missions, stations without anyone doing missions, should have their mission payouts buffed up to three times the normal amount, which would only even out once missions start being done. This would automatically balance with the amount of missions available which AFAIK is connected to population size, while pay depending on wealth.

This also makes solves an issue of far-from-starting-point stations having not much worth visiting, but still having potentially less commanders doing missions.

Simplified, all modes together:

- A hundred + of concurrent commanders doing missions in station? Pay goes down each day it continues days down to 1/4.
- No/Few (0-20*) concurrent commanders doing missions in station? Pay Triples when nobody is doing the missions, and goes down every hour the more people do it until a "normal" rate.

That way it would automatically calm down any edge cash spikes, as soon as they become public knowledge, while still increasing overall pay across systems.

CGs on the other hand are their own type of mission and usually are not connected to the mission board, so they shouldn't be effected (instead encouraging players to come together to do something).

This may cause commanders to be a bit more secretive or aggressive, but overall it would buff pay across the board for those adventurous to go out there to rep up with many factions and look for better fresher opportunities .
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