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Before proposing a new idea or suggestion, please read the suggestions and ideas already proposed by members from the list below.

If something is missing in this list, or stored in the wrong category, report it in this topic (by posting the link of the topic, and not your suggestion directly).

As always, please search first by common keywords of your idea in this forum.

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For several reasons I do not wish to explain in public, this thread will no longer be updated.


Whishlist :

- Themes Whishlist
- Coasters Whishlist
- Rides whishlist
- Flat Rides Whishlist
- Guests Animations Whishlist
- Mascot Whishlist!
- Real Life Scenery Showcase

Construction & Buildings :

- Paving and Walkways
- Stairs, Escalator and Elevator
- Hedges and Fences

- Hotels / Resorts
- Restaurants
- Breakroom
- Backstage
- Car parks
- Zoo

- Fast Pass
- Themed Queues
- Modular Building / Scripted Objects
- Custom Building Tool
- Construction Animation
- Different Stall Types
- Invisible Entrance/Exit Buildings
- Drawbridges/Suspended/Rope bridges
- Blueprint Buidling Mode
- Subdivisible Grid

Modding, Terrain & Scenery :

- Modding Support
- Import 3D Objects
- Maps Editor
- Terraforming & Landscaping
- Tree/Rock/Flowers Spray Option
- Free positionning
- Grid system
- Themed Areas / Park Map Tool / Region & Districts
- CTRL+Z / Undo button
- Tree Blow In The Wind
- Colored/Textured Fluid System
- 3D Gizmo / X-Y-Z / Move Rotate Scale

Management :

- Real Time Hours
- Seasons, Weather, Night/Day Cycle
- Dynamic Events & Occasions
- Multi-park Profile System
- Tech Tree
- Parades
- Contests
- Renovation / Reopening
- Operating Costs
- Merchandise & Stock

Staff & People :

- New Staff Members
- Security Staff
- Entertainers
- Mascot Editor
- Guest Sickness
- Worker Happiness
- Guest waiting in line
- Random Incidents
- Employee theming

Coasters :

- Coaster Creator
- Coaster Station Service & Switcher Tracks
- Coaster Trigger Track Piece
- Coaster First Person Camera / Coaster Cam
- "Ghost Cars" while building coasters!
- Coaster Derailling
- Coaster Mirror Building
- Special coasters for kids

Rides :

- Ride Operation Options
- Dark rides Building Tool
- Transports
- Water rides (log flume, etc...)!
- Water parks (water slides, etc...)
- Aquarium parks (aquarium with fish, dolphins show, etc...)!)
- Modular Fairground Rides
- Special track pieces
- Ride Height Restrictions
- Chance games / Arcade
- Skill games
- Colors wheel/palette!
- Generic theme for rides
- Coaster Attraction Hype

Physics :

- Fireworks
- Particle Effects

Multiplayer :

- Multiplayer Support
- Park Sharing

Support / Versions :

- DirectX 12 Support
- VR Support
- Mac / Linux Support
- Console version (PS4 / XboxOne)
- 4K Support
- Language Support (+ chinese)

Miscellaneous :

- First Person View
- Custom Music (+speakers)
- On-ride Photo's
- Photo Booth
- Cheatscode!
- 3D Signs Maker
- Theme Park Mobile App
- Driving Mini Game
- Disabled visitors
- Selfies and Camera Crew
- Unlimited Land Expansions
- Living UI
- Chat sessions with Developpers
- Scenario Mode telling a story
- New Modern Flat UI
- Caricature / Face painter artists
- No Entry / Staff only sign
- Strollers
- Automatic Generated Park Map
- Vending Machines

Last update : April 13, 2016
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Thread is set as a sticky now. I've edited the thread title and a portion of your post to be a bit more legible to newer members and lurkers of the forums. [yesnod]

This forum is created and active.

This will not be happening as there's no support on vbulletin to make this possible currently.

For forum ideas/support/thoughts, please post them to this thread: - thanks! [happy]
Thread is set as a sticky now. I've edited the thread title and a portion of your post to be a bit more legible to newer members and lurkers of the forums. [yesnod]
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Should be gread to add "Checks" in front of every element of the list to know if thats gonna be implemented in game finally :)
Should be gread to add "Checks" in front of every element of the list to know if thats gonna be implemented in game finally :)

Good idea, but it's a little bit complicated since it's only "suggestions".
On each topic, what is "checked" ? The title ? The first message ? Some post inside ? There is many idea in each thread so ...
I suggest that you guys should do a PS4/ Xbox One versions of the game after the PC version in released. We console players would love this. :D
Looks like just about everything I could have thought of has already been considered.

The biggest additions I'd like to see, speaking to specifically beyond what RCT had offered, are:
  1. Resort and park / guest management functions (additions of hotels to tie-in with the theme park). Included with this I'd like to see actual connections with local roads / highways, parking lots, shuttle systems, and basically the inclusion of all amenities you'd typically see with a Disney World-type destination. I realize this is fairly ambitious, but honestly this would be new territory for games and I can see it being hugely popular in many ways.
  2. Advanced coaster designer - based on the videos we've already seen, it looks like my idea of ploppable build structure plus nodes for adjusting bank/scale, etc. is already integrated. Think No Limits just on a bit simpler scale. I do hope numbers are included for the engineers out there (speaking to degrees of tilt and roll).
  3. Real-life variety of rides. Again, based on some of the video of the game we've seen, it appears at least a handful of real rides (flat and tracked) are already included. I do hope they continue to expand on this lineup so we have most, if not all, of the typical flat and track rides in parks today.
  4. Waterparks. I imagine like RCT3 this could be future DLC, but it should tie-in with the resort aspects I previously mentioned. RCT had your basic water rides, but you couldn't really make a true waterpark (slides with ladders, start high, end low in a pool). Should also be able to build these side-by-side with your "dry" park.
  5. Dark rides. These are becoming more and more prevalent in parks today. Just an assortment of tools to build dark rides. You could really base this off of what we've seen modders do with RCT3. Sort of like video editing with set points, cues. I understand the limitations from an initial-offering standpoint, but just need to offer a handful of presets and let users build off of it.
  6. UGC and Mod Support. Says it all - steam integration would be ideal but certainly isn't necessary.
  7. Real park management user-controlled options, including finances, staff, etc. I realize these were included in RCT for the most part, and out of concern of new games having less depth on the simulation side of things in order to cater to a wider audience, I would still like the game to give true financial control to the user. Even if this was just an option that could be turned off for those that don't want to deal with it. I'm referring to setting prices for everything, wages of staff, and so on. Unfortunately most new games seem to "dumb down" themselves in order to appeal to the casual audience, which from a marketing standpoint I do understand, it just detracts from the depth and replayability of the experience. Even Cities: Skylines was guilty of this to an extent (when compared to SC4).
  8. Zero limits. Dealing with trainers/hacks in RCT2 is a pain to get the looks you want; offer the user those options up-front to avoid the headache. In other words, let us build where we want and how we want.
  9. Advanced queueing and station design. Basically more true-to-life as compared to the RCT series. Have lines for individual seats in the stations, narrow queue lines that offer more flexibility, perhaps even fast passes to raise extra money for your park.
  10. Day/Night. Had this in RCT3 so not at all new, but night-time is important in theme parks. Things really come alive at night.
  11. Seasonal park alterations. Depending on climate, of course, but we should be able to include seasonal and holiday additions to our parks that come and rotate out as the months pass. Think Halloweekends (halloween themed attractions for Sept/Oct), perhaps Christmas themed options, though I certainly understand parks located in a colder climate won't be open in the winter months.
  12. Custom signage creation and other park simulation options. I guess this goes along with UGC, but it is important for theming and merchandising. Allow the user to display custom logos on merchandise sold in the park for that extra level of immersion. To expand on this, perhaps offer certain marketing and press tools to users, allowing them to drive hype for an upcoming park addition through media outlets. Perhaps the ability to write a press release (or stock releases with names of rides added in). Think "advertising" in RCT2 but with actual content attached to it, rather than just clicking an option to Pay X for Y weeks of generic advertising. These can help drive revenues, among other things, but there can be drawbacks if the audience does not respond well to the addition once it is built. More for the "sim-heads" out there, but I appreciate a game that offers this sort of immersion and true-to-life depth.
  13. Custom park management company creation options. It would be great if we could make our own "Cedar Fair" or "Six Flags" and use it in-game to start a brand of parks. Sort of a campaign mode. You have a map and you build parks where you please, have to deal with various competitors, etc. This could be a bit of a hardcore business simulation in many ways. Just something I'd like to manage while still operating with the amusement industry and offering the fun gameplay of RCT - the old work and play balance.
I guess that about covers it. As I said initially, most - if not all - of these items have been mentioned previously, just wanted to give my own take on them. If we saw even half this list that would be great. I realize if I was designing the game it would be overly ambitious and probably never done. I do really hope the gameplay isn't terribly shallow, though. I miss that learning curve and depth that most games have gotten away from nowadays.
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Reply to jwilson post (not going to copy all that)

Phew! Regarding have all the hotel, car parking and roads etc to link in with the park management, is going to take a huge slice of the park area, otherwise it would have to have a separate area outside the park boundary where it would be possible to build stuff like this. I can see your point and if it were possible than it would add more features to the game, but it all depends if Frontier want to go as far as this, after all, it isn't meant to be a City/Skylines/Theme Park game all in one game.
I would like to see some proper restaurants (say two or three) like the ones that have been built into the other game (RCTW) but larger and better and styled/themed than those in the other game, which to me, don't look really appealing.

As for the things in the rest of your comments, I'm sure Frontier have thought long and hard over this and Water Park features will no doubt be available in a future expansion set. Other expansions could be like Wild, but maybe renaming it to Safari instead.

As far as UGC is concerned, Frontier have not ruled this out completely, but how it will be implemented if it is decided, is not clear at the moment, or whether Steam Store/Workshop will have any part in this.
Jeez. Frontier are going to have their work cut out trying to fulfill all these requests :p
If they manage all, or at least most of them, I will be thoroughly impressed (and it would result in an even better game).
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