Suggestions for Changes to Ship Module Types and Placement

Why isn't the Fuel Scoop a Utility Mount item? Or, why isn't it a default item like the Cargo Scoop? :S

Why aren't the specialized scanner arrays Utility Mount items? They primarily interface with the outside of the ship. :S

Or, modify the ships to offer specialized Auxiliary slots that are just for these types of devices in the way that some ships have specialized Military slots.

Or, with the fact that all of the optional scanners being size 1 only, why not add an engineering option that would allow us to create an aggregate optional scanner assembly that contains the planetary, stellar, and Planetary Approach Suite into one Size 3 module?

Having spent many years on board a real-life ocean going warship, we didn't waste space buy placing a 16"x16"x32" power adapter into a space the size of a ship's oven. I would think that space-faring humans would have also adopted this reality.
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