Suggestions for Squadrons

Hello Frontier,
First let me tell you how happy I am with your product. The below suggestions come from a place of love, and I hope they are seen as constructive criticism and not complaining. With that said, I will make this brief.

1. Please include a broader range of winnable trophies for the squadron at the end of the season. As far as I understand it, only the top 3 receive trophies. The traditional Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Could you do it exactly like you do community goals, and galactic power leaderboards. Top ten get the highest reward, but larger and larger groups get smaller ones. You could even play off the lore of your game and include precious metals better than gold. The below is a possible example. The highest ratings get special recognition, but the rest are more inclusive.
1. Void Opal Trophy
2. Low Temperature Diamond Trophy
3. Painite Trophy
4-50. Platinum Trophy
51-300. Gold Trophy
301-1000. Silver Trophy
1001-5000. Bronze Trophy

2. If a squadron wins one of these trophies, allow them to show it in the "Search Squadrons" menu. Those postings are pretty bland, and there is little to no way to spruce it up and encourage a player to chose one over the others. Allow us to display our achievements to attract more participation. LOL If this is already the case, I apologize for bothering you. So few squadrons win, that these accolades have gone thus far unseen by me.

3. Lastly, I want to upload my own image for ship tags among the squadron. I am happy paying for this opportunity. As the leader of my own squadron, I am happy to give you $20, to pay one of your people to check and make sure I am not uploading something vulgar. When approved, my squadron can go into Livery tab in a spaceport and apply our Insignia for the time they are a part of my squadron. Its a little thing, but an important one to me.

Thank you for reading my suggestions, and thank you again for making a game in which I have made great friends which have lasted years.
Commander Ithrian
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