Suggestions for the next charity events

Hello, with a close friend, we used to be part of charity events in other games. :)

When we see the Planet Coaster charity event at the end of each year, I think that they are great, the giveaways are too, but there is something that other games do for their charity events where, depending on how much you donate, you get exclusive items in the game and it makes more people donate. (for example, TipOfTheHats in Team Fortress 2)

So I believe that'd be a great plus for Planet Coaster charity, for exemple, if you donate at least 5€ you get an exclusive hat for your avatar, and it could also be a great way to rerelease old stuff from thrillseeker edition and FX17.
So like this could be a list of things that could potentialy be given to donators depending on how much they donate: a bronze donator hat; a silver donator hat; a gold donator hat; an exclusive mascot; FX17 content; King Coaster Deluxe mascot; red and gold thrillseeker baseball cap; digital sketchbook and soundtrack; etc...
At each donate rank (5€ - 10€ -15€ - etc...), you get all the previous rewards from previous ranks + the ones of your rank, and each rank should contain a new exclusive item + an old one from the ones listed above for those who miss them.
I believe it'd be a great way to release those old things again for the people who don't have them as well as new exclusive stuff so those who have them still get new things.

I hope you'll take that into consideration, I believe it could make more people donate and that'd be great :)

Thanks, have a great day ! ;)
I just went back to see how the TF2 one works, there are 3 rewards: a bronze pin for your character when you give 10 USD, a silver one at 30 USD and a gold one at 100 USD.

So this is an example list I came up with to show how it could be for Planet Coaster:

  • 5€ : Bronze donator hat
  • 10€ : previous rewards + New scenery (a special bench, trashcan, light, etc...) + FX17 Hats
  • 20€ : previous rewards + Silver donator hat + Red and golden baseball cap
  • 35€ : previous rewards + New coaster blueprint + FX17 Coins
  • 50€ : previous rewards + Gold donator hat + King Coaster Deluxe
  • 75€ : previous rewards + New coaster type + Digital sketchbook + Soundtrack
  • 100€ : previous rewards + Diamond donator hat + New mascot

I think this list isn't bad as people who already own FX17 / Thrillseeker content would still get new things :)

I hope it can be taken into consideration, I'm sure it would bring more people to donate :)

Have a great day ;)
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