COMPLETED CG Support President Hudson to Increase Federal Surveillance (Data)

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System: Nanomam
Station: Gresley Dock (Orbis Starport, large pads available, 399 Ls from main star, 28.94 Ly from Sol)
Objective: Deliver Unusual Encrypted Files, Specialised Legacy Firmware, Exceptional Scrambled Emission Data and Anomalous Bulk Scan Data
Time limit: 6th May 3307 @ 06:00 UTC

Data deliveries are required by competing initiatives to increase or decrease civilian surveillance in the Federation.
President Zachary Hudson has asked the public to contribute to making the Proactive Detection Bureau more effective:
The PDB requires access to lesser-known comms channels where terrorists and criminals lurk. Supplying it with data from multiple sources will allow us to root out more potential threats.
To counter this campaign, Shadow President Felicia Winters aims to protect personal communications from being intercepted:
My duty is to help citizens preserve their constitutional right to privacy. If enough data can be gathered for baseline testing, we will distribute legal technology and techniques to secure against government intrusion.
Both campaigns require deliveries of the following data types: unusual encrypted files, specialised legacy firmware, exceptional scrambled emission data and anomalous bulk scan data.
To support President Hudson, pilots should deliver data to Gresley Dock in the Nanomam system.
Should the initiative gain more data than Shadow President Winters's campaign, President Hudson will put in place measures to increase security for systems he controls or exploits, boosting their security by 25%. Winters's failure is predicted to have negative consequences in systems she controls or exploits, with a decrease of 50% in system stability. These effects are expected to last for at least one month before settling back toward existing values.
Additionally, the top 75% of contributors will receive a fully engineered A-rated Kill Warrant Scanner with fast scan and long range modifications. This will be placed in storage at Gresley Dock by the 8th of May 3307.
The initiatives begin on the 29th of April 3307 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaigns will end immediately.
Should both initiatives be completed to the same tier, the one with the highest contribution will be designated the victor.
To earn rewards, you must sign up as an active participant before handing in unusual encrypted files, specialised legacy firmware, exceptional scrambled emission data and anomalous bulk scan data to Gresley Dock in the Nanomam system.
Be aware that faction-state changes and other disruptive events can negatively impact markets and station services, and could prevent the initiative from running smoothly.
  • Gresley Dock is orbiting planet 1
  • Station services: Commodities Market, Shipyard, Outfitting, Repair, Restock, Refuel, Material Trader
Latest status
Last updated: 3 May 23:35 UTC-passed Tier 8

Current Progress:
Current Participation Rewards:
Global Progress: 160,000,274 "tonnes" collected (Tier 5 target: 160M)
Contributors: 7,166
Reward Tier: 8/8
Global Reward:
None listed
Top 10 CMDRs: 8,000,000,000 CR
Top 10%: 4,115,400,000 CR
Top 25%: 2,099,520,000 CR
Top 50%: 737,280,000 CR
Top 75%: 324,000,000 CR
Top 100%: 12,000,000 CR

CG threshold tracking
Inara ( tracks overall progress, your contributions and estimates tier boundaries.

Journal data (used to track progress) can be submitted via various third party tools or by direct journal imports on Inara. For more details see

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Soooo... if my math is correct it's 4.80MW power draw, -50% integrity (24) and -30% scan angle traded for 2s scan time at 8.8km range.
Feels useless unless I'm missing something - you will have more than enough time to scan the target within 3km with 0A G5 Fast Scan...
It would benefit long range sniping builds I suppose who don't want to get closer than 5km.
I was gonna say the Sirius / Antal data CG had killed any interest I had in doing data CGs ever again.
But damn, that KWS. That's not a finger on the scales for Hudson when compared to what Winters is offering, that's a bloody elephant.
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