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System: Di Jian
Station: Kumiho Sky (Megaship, large pads available, 4,167 Ls from main star, 109.64 Ly from Sol)
Objective: Deliver Computer Components, Reinforced Mounting Plates and Synthetic Reagents
Time limit: 23rd June 3308 @ 06:00 UTC

The Di Jian system is hosting competing campaigns as the Alliance Assembly votes on the strategic defence pact.
The Assembly is evenly split over formalising military ties with Sirius Corporation to enhance defensive options against the Thargoids, with a decision expected at the end of June. In advance of the vote, both pro-pact and anti-Sirius councillors are attempting to sway colleagues to their cause by securing a sizeable resource package for the Alliance Defence Force.
Pro-pact councillors have established their initiative in Di Jian from the Sirius megaship Kumiho Sky, and are asking for shipments of computer components, reinforced mounting plates and synthetic reagents. These councillors have heavily promoted the need for enhanced fleet support in the face of increasing Thargoid activity. Noted engineer Marco Qwent recently confirmed his support for an Allied anti-xeno pact with Sirius.
To encourage support from pilots, Sirius Corporation is offering extra incentives. The majority of contributors to the Kumiho Sky campaign will receive a double-engineered AX fixed missile launcher, enhanced with both High Capacity and Rapid Fire modifications, among other rewards, courtesy of the Sirius Corporation.
  • Top 75%: 2B Double Engineered AX Fixed Missile Launcher & Sirius Permit
  • Top 50%: Additional 2B Double Engineered AX Fixed Missile Launcher & Access to Marco Qwent's Workshop
  • Top 25%: 3A Double Engineered AX Fixed Missile Launcher
  • Top 10%: Additional 3A Double Engineered AX Fixed Missile Launcher
The campaign will run until the 23rd June 3308. If the final target is met earlier than planned, or the opposing campaign is completed first, the campaign will end immediately.
To earn rewards you must sign up as an active participant before delivering Computer Components, Reinforced Mounting Plates and Synthetic Reagents to Kumiho Sky in the Di Jian system.
Be aware that faction-state changes and other disruptive events can negatively impact markets and station services, and could prevent the initiative from running smoothly.
  • Kumiho Sky is orbiting planet 7
  • TYPE services: Commodities Market, Repair, Restock, Refuel
  • Prices at Kumiho Sky:
    • Computer Components: 6,208 Cr/T
    • Reinforced Mounting Plates: 19,632 Cr/T
    • Synthetic Reagents: 53,208 Cr/T
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Latest status
Last updated: 23 June 06:00 UTC-finished

Current Progress:
Current Participation Rewards:
Global Progress: 26,668,539 units collected
Contributors: 2,611
Reward Tier: 3/5
Global Reward:
None listed
Top 10 CMDRs: 15,000,000 CR
Top 10%: 8,000,000CR
Top 25%: 5,000,000CR
Top 50%: 3,000,000 CR
Top 75%: 2,000,000 CR
Top 100%: 1,000,000 CR

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Inara ( tracks overall progress, your contributions and estimates tier boundaries.

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But people don't use AX missiles for AX...
Quote is from the other CG thread, but St0rmFury makes a good point. Even double-engineered AX missiles aren't likely to be very attractive for anti-xeno work, unless those who instagib Cyclops to cheese the game/stats could use them. As we don't know what blueprints they use it seems another "leap of faith" CG.
That sounds like a lot of work, to change 4A, 5A into 2B, 3A! I just have done it here, now I feel very tired! :ROFLMAO:
And now again, Cutters in action, and lot of noise about lateral thrusters and docking computers!
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