Surface Bombing Fighters


I've been having a lot of fun bombarding a planet recently by strapping some size 2 Mine Launchers to the underside of a Viper MkIII (Gravity makes them fall down, and the blast radius means they work wonders for bombing settlements) and it made me wonder; Would it be possible to add a Fighter variant that has a size 1 Mine Launcher on the underside? It would be lots of fun to take those with me on the mothership and launch them from there.

I don't believe it would be too hard technically; While all the fighters have front-facing weapons, they seem custom-made already (not the standard modules), so having angled mines wouldn't bee too much of a problem. (even forwards-facing slightly angled down would be more than good enough).

Sure, it'd be mostly pointless in most other areas, but I believe the applications on surfaces would be worth it alone. Besides, it can't hurt to get another reason to go planetside for some shenanigans :)

Here's me dropping two size 2 mines on a 1.49g planet! It's dark, but if you go fullscreen on max settings you can easily see the bombs go down:
I think that is a cool suggestion.
I would love some true specialized planetary bombardment equipment though.
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