Community Event / Creation T4SWH A Cross Platform Event to Mark the Passing of Prof. Hawking

CMDRs, the team the brought you HORSE (now called Paradox Wing) would like to invite you to take tea with Prof. Hawking on a tour of the Stations named after him to mark his passing. The tour will take place this coming Saturday (17/03/18) between 17:00 and 22:00 UTC. We recomend you use a mid jump range ship (c.25Ly) as a minimum).

The tour is proposed to begin at Hawking Station in Gaoh. It will visit each of the other 19 stations that bear his name and end at a Black Hole at HIP 34707 The route takes approximately 5 hours to complete at a reasonable pace and assuming an additional stop to pick up Tea.

We would like you all to bring a canister or two of Tea with you, which we can all drop at the destination black hole. Tea was the great man's favourite drink so it seems an appropriate tribute commodity.

Prof. Hawking's car number plate allegedly once was T4 SWH, so as well as naming the event in this way, we ask also that everyone who has them change their ID plates to T4 SWH in his honour

This is the final post update and all times and waypoints are confirmed (Update 3).

We propose that the tour is open in character because of the large number of waypoints and the total distance of c.1600Ly. Start and end times are fixed but CMDRs are encouraged to make the tour at the their own pace:

Start: Hawking Station, Gaoh 17:00 UTC
End: Black Hole (HIP 34707 B) 22:00 - Tea donation ceremony

The start and End will take place in private groups, details of which may be found in the the Discord:

Itinerary as follows:
Yum Cruang
Ac Yax Baru
LP 906-9
Ross 89
VVO 19
Burigpa - Surface base
BD+15 896
HIP 45957
Lokaantii - Surface base
HIP 34707

Route Map:

We're looking forward to making this trip with you all! o7

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My ExplOrca properly tagged and parked on a pad at Hawking Station in Gaoh awaiting departure tomorrow. I don't have my tea yet, but I plan to dock at Hawking Ring in Maya along the way and buy it there. EDDB shows a good supply there at 1474cr per ton, and buying my tribute from "Hawking Ring" just "feels right" for this ...
I only drink coffee myself, but for Professor Ha​wking I'll haul some tea for the T4SWH event!

See you in the cold dark space of Elite:Dangerous!
Fly safely! o7

BTW: great idea for an event!
Thank you to everyone who came along and flew with us for over 8 hours in honour of the great professor! It was wonderful to spend time with you all! o7
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