Tab for discovered colour variations/coats?

So....After spending a few hours looking at all the different coats my animals have....I thought it would be great to have a tab maybe in the Zoopedia showing all the different colour variations we've discovered? So for example, the Timber Wolf has a few, go to it's Zoopedia page, click on the tab to show the different colours you found but also have some that are still locked. Maybe also have it so when you click on one of the unlocked colours, the usual picture of the Wolf on the left changes to that specific coloured Wolf?

I've seen alot of different colours for my animals and I'm not even sure if I've discovered ALL of them so this would be a handy feature.
You will find it on the Genetics tab for the animal. But guess you will have to play the game of discovery to see if you can find them all :D
Hi, is there any site with list (and pictures if possible) with all available color variants? I traded like dozens springboks I'm starting to thing that they have only one variant, lol. But it would be nice to see all coats for all animals in the game. Even on maybe some wiki or something?
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