Tacano Hybrid Research Facility

A few screenshots of my post 1.8 update classified research facility.....

A network of octagonal enclosures allows dinosaur social behaviour to be observed while containing them securely:



It's pretty easy to guess what happened here.....


Our gyrospheres are also tested at this facility, they withstand pressure from our newest and heaviest armoured herbivore:


We have discovered that velociraptors really enjoy spending plenty of time exploring a whole new environment, Spinosaurus meanwhile is much more accustomed to it's swampy habitat:


The terrible wins. A product of extreme genetic engineering:


Majungasaurus was raised on this island for study of its metabolic rate, we still don't know how hungry it has to be before it prefers to cannibalise it's own....


Giganotosaurus can be observed from safety...


We took no chances when creating the ultimate dinosaur hybrid, fully secured and only observable from a distance. Here she's expressing her displeasure at the proximity of our trainee ACU team. Only a top score at aerial tranquilsation of an Indominous Rex can achieve graduation to a permanent role at Jurassic World Resorts,

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This is a splendid topic!
I like your style of humour and creativity regarding the park design and description.

Well done! (y)
Thanks guys.... I think I'll have a couple of other parks to share from the other maps soon. Will post a thread when they're ready :)
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