PvP Tales of the Greenhorn Bounty Hunter (Deciat System)

Hmmm. Although I know MS I think he's bad sport in that vid. Play stupid games, win stupid prices.
Flying to shin, wyrd or deciat or whatever with a bounty can and should bring enforcers on your tail.
Kids, if you see that, high-wake away and immediately after reaching your destination disable your thrusters.
Insta-drop to normal space, usually no wake. If you have a potato router or crappy ISP, disregard as your follower is propably faster there then you, and then you have a long fsd reboot time..
I really hope they patch out that move. I kinda feel that every drop from supercruise should leave some signal. Kinda feels like a cheap trick to be honest, and one of the many things that lead to the FDev ganker funnel lol.
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