TARGET T1600M HOTAS treated as single device by E:D

I’ve just started trying to use the Thrustmaster TARGET software to fine tune the controls.
Create a dead zone in the throttle, curves for the stick, etc. The usual.

When I go to bind controls in Elite the 2 devices are being treated as 1.
So binding stick forward|back to pitch and throttle forward|back to speed causes the “This is bound to * do you want to replace” warning confirmation box to pop up.
Because they are both joy z.

Has anyone else come across this problem?
What have I done wrong? How do I resolve this so that it works?
I haven’t been able to find anything when searching.
Dont use the target software, i have the same set up and have never use target.

All binds and deadzones can be set in game. Never even opened the target program
Maybe there's an option in Target to separate them.

Also, Googling - thrustmaster target separate devices - brings up some stuff.

What happens is Target creates one virtual device by combining the throttle and the stick, this means that the z axis is the axis on the throttle and the stick. You have to create and edit a script and map the buttons yourself. It's not too difficult, and if you get adept at doing the target scripts you can set up specific scripts to do stuff like pop a heatsink and fire off a shield bank with one button. the possibilities are endless, also you can have different levels AKA you can have different "setups" for different ships, meaning different power curves, button setups, macros... it's a really handy tool if you take the time to learn how to script in the target IDE, also ...I think you can do the same stuff in the normal config UI.

if all this sounds like effort, go for curves it's simpler to use

When you use the TARGET GUI editor, try making sure that the throttle is not included in the profile. If it is included, exclude it.

A central deadzone is going to be hard to do in Joystick Curves, if not impossible.
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