Taygeta Defence

I gotta say that i believe they made it all but impossible this week to clear Taygeta.

First week the AXCZs returned SIX got cleared, by sunday i believe. This week not even one cleared, the have raised the bar to herculean heights imo.

Just like CGs before them, it's hard to balance things so people are happy - too easy and people miss out, too hard and people give up.

Put together with previous hints about changed Eagle Eye update frequency they could be planning to go to a 2-3 weekly Eagle Eye update, giving 2-3 weeks to clear the AX CZ (since people generally like the AX CZ but don't want as many stations attacked).

Personally I would say the AX CZ are now too hard as the states don't move very often, so it feels like there is no progress.

Doing things this way would probably be more 'fun' in the bubble where there are more stations in a system - last time the Thargoids toured the bubble they were pretty easy to stop on week 1, so you might lose 1 station to repair - but if it now takes 2+ weeks to repel the incursion there would be the possibility of having a lot of stations taken out in a system - and if it's your PMFs system it might motivate people to care a bit more. (More likely they would just complain on the forums while watching their systems burn 🤷‍♀️ )
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